What's up with all the PINK?!!!

For those of you who don't know, I am a coach on MaKayla's soccer team, and we are the "Pink Panthers." As I was growing up I always imagined myself as a coach. Giving inspirational half-time talks, leading those hard practices that nobody likes but all benefit from, yelling at the "boys" and making them play to the best of their abilities. Now I find myself, in the middle of the huddle saying "look we can talk about Hannah Montana, and Zac Efron as soon as the game is over, can we please just focus on the game right now!" Not really the inspirational halftime talks I envisioned. And instead of yelling onto the field and saying "rip somebody's head off," I frequently find myself yelling "quit holding hands and hugging and play soccer!!!" This is not what I bargained for. I am a boy, I understand boy things, there is no crying in sports and most certainly no holding hands. However, it is still alot of fun. We still run the practices that nobody likes, yet they all benefit from and I still get to yell at players although not quite like how I anticipated. We are 6-1 on the season and have scored double digits in three of our games. For you girls who don't know anything about soccer that are reading this, that is pretty dang good. We are arguably the best team in our age division and are continually getting better. Other teams tremble when they see the Pink Panthers coming! Maybe it's because we're that good or maybe they've just never seen a grown man in pink camo.


    Hey brother....welcome to the blogging world! I love your stories alreay! Can't wait to see what's ahead...Love ya!

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