We Did What?!

This weekend we basically lived at softball and soccer complexes. This weekend Tamara's softball team was in a tournament. Friday night they played at 9:00 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. We got home around 11:45 Friday night...tired. Then got up Saturday morning and went to the soccer fields for MaKayla's game. They won again 3-0 (starting to think I'd make a good soccer coach at some high school, haha). We then headed over to the softball complex to watch Tamara's first game of the day at 3:00. We won that game so we played again at 6:00. We lost that one so we played again at 9:30. We won that one so we were set to play again Sunday morning at 8:00. We got home Saturday night at 11:50....very, very tired. We got up Sunday morning at 6:30 to get ready to be at the ball park by 7:30. We won that game so we were set to play again at 11:00. The 11:00 game got postponed 1 hours so we played at 12:00. And finally we lost and were knocked out of the tournament at about 1:45 on Sunday afternoon. We were very, very, very tired. I don't know who is more tired Tamara or us :) In case you lost count that was a combined 8 games for the Lewis household this weekend. I told Dad "You never realize how much your parents did for you until you become a parent yourself." That was never more true than this weekend. HAHA!!! I'm going to bed now, must get sleep.

Easter Story

I have a few spare minutes and I thought y'all would like to hear this one :) We took the girls shopping for Easter dresses and both girls found something very cute. MaKayla picked out this new long dress shirt thing with leggins (supposedly its in style I don't know about these things) and Tamara picked out a dress with a lace jacket. After walking around the store a little more Tamara decided she had to have a pair of the sheer lace gloves to go with her outfit. I told her no she didn't need them. She continued to bug Pam and I about it for the next 40 minutes as we walked around the store. She kept saying things like, "You are supposed to dress up for Easter," and "I'm gonna tell Nana that you won't let me dress up," and "DAD! It's Easter!" Finally my nerves wore down to thin strings of nothingness I said, "If you can give me one good reason you should have those gloves and you can't say "Because it's Easter" then I will get them for you." I no more got the words out of my mouth when she blurted out in a very stern and matter of fact voice, "BECAUSE I'M A PRINCESS!" HMMM...we walked over and got the gloves. (Pam laughed the whole way....it wasn't THAT funny!)

Crunch Time

I have 4 papers due on the 23rd and 7 papers due on the 30th. That's 11 papers. I have 7 1/2 of them written. I can do it :) Plus I have to make a power point presentation for my research project and take 2 finals by May 5. On top of all this school yumminess, MaKayla has a soccer tournament this weekend, guaranteed at least 3 games...possibly 5. Tamara has a softball tournament next weekend guaranteed at least 4 games. I love watching my girls play sports but right now it's running me ragged. I have lots of stories to write but only limited time, so I must go. I have to find more newspaper articles from the 1860's...you can't imagine how much fun that is :) Hope everyone is doing well. Happy late Easter and Happy early Memorial Day just in case I don't get to post again before then. HAHAHA!!!

I'm Here

I'm here I'm just swamped with school. Here is my rundown for April. Complete and present my research project and take a final in my Experimental Psych class. Write 6 more papers for Civil War history class. Take an exam and a book review in English history. And last but not least, do a presentation over a research article and exam in Adult Development. On top of this I coach MaKayla's soccer team on Monday, Thursdays and Saturdays, and work with Tamara's softball team on Wednesday and Saturday. It is going to be a very, very busy month for sure but should be interesting :)

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