That's My Girl!

Tonight me and my girls had to run to Midland to do a little shopping. On the way home Pam asked if I was okay and I told her I was just really tired from being sick all week and I have lots of school work due and I feel like because I have been sick I have fallen behind on both school and home stuff. After a few more minutes of driving we hear this teary voice from the back seat, "Mommy you need to love Daddy more!" (It was my Tamara) She continued, "Daddy does lots for us and he's sick and you need to help." Pam asked "Don't I help out with the laundry, dishes, homework? And I work ya know." Tamara then replied even more teary, "you need to do more, I go to school now and you need to help Daddy! When I do my homework if he's sick I get up and take it to him, I don't ask him to get up. Daddy needs more lovin." Pam said, "I do love Daddy bunches and I take good care of him." Tamara again replied, "He needs more, you need to give more lovin." This whole time I can see this look of astonishment on Pam's face, this look of "I can't believe my daughter is defending her Daddy like this!" It was well... AWESOME!!! When we got home, I was smiling really big and Pam said, "that's just great, you got your daughters and what do I got?" I replied "you got to give Daddy more lovin!" To which she replied, "I'm getting me a freakin son!" I ran from the room, Daddy's lovin can wait. I'll just go let my precious babies take care of me, mean ole wife!! :)


    that is stinkin hilarious! i love it! maybe you should have a boy...:)

    I rebuke that comment by kj!!!!

    get a boy! get a boy! get a boy! get a boy! getting a boy and getting more lovin' go hand-in-hand! make it happen!


    She's such a joy! I just love her! Your girls have to be the wittiest kids ever! I wonder who they take after? Hmmm...

    dude that is one of the greatest stories of all time. hilarious. i must agree though, you need a you can teach both of ours how to swing a golf club. lord knows if it's it up to me the kid will be the champion of mediocre!

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