Easily Impressed

Yesterday on the way home from school. MaKayla asked Tamara, "You ever seen a two ended pencil." Tamara said "No." At that point MaKayla proceeded to pull out this pencil about 4 inches long that was sharpened on both ends. Tamara in an amazed voice said, "Ah Man! That's Awesome! How did you do that?" MaKayla now chest stuck out in pride said, "You like that huh? Well I broke the eraser end off my pencil and sharpened it too!" Tamara was again just so amazed and wanted to know if MaKayla could teach her how to do that to. MaKayla said, "it's pretty hard but I guess I could teach you." I'm in the front this whole time trying not to crack up. From Tamara's reaction you would have thought MaKayla had figured out what E=MC2 means. The rest of the afternoon MaKayla walked around like she was some kind of great architect that had just finished her masterpiece. Goofy kids!

Make mine a double!

Time for a change! I went and spoke with my advisor on Friday and made a change to my school career. I am 3 classes away from meeting the requirements for my History major but 40 hours from graduating. So instead of taking 31 hours of junk classes I am double majoring now in History and Psychology. What sucks is there are classes that have to be taken in a certain order and hopefully they will offer them for me in that order. I didn't know you wouldn't get two diplomas from that either. Just one. I had to choose what I wanted on my diploma. I chose Psychology. I think that is what I really enjoy in school so that's what I want on my diploma plus I can say I have my BS. (Bachelors of Science you filthy people!) So anyway that's all that is going on here. Studying for tests, trying to figure out my schedule and praying for Spring Break. Only three weeks to go!!!

Mind your P's and Q's

Last night there was a total lunar eclipse in case you missed it! Anyway, my girls had never really seen one so we kind of made it a learning experience for them. We kept going in and out looking at the moon, watching the different steps as it went along. At one point I hollered out at the girls, "you need to come look at the moon it's already three quarters covered." So they rushed out to look at the moon like it was the coolest thing ever. We sat and laughed and joked around it was quite fun. Tamara had a set of binoculars that she used to look up and compare the size of the stars to the moon. It was during these observations that she looked over when the moon looked about like it did in the picture above and hollered out, "Look daddy there's only a penny left!" At first I didn't understand what she meant but then I realized I had told her before it was three quarters covered. I died laughing when I realized what she meant and told her she was absolutely correct. It's amazing how different their minds think sometimes. I really wished my mind still thought in such a simple way, life would be much less confusing :)

Anthrax, Serum Sickness and Rashes OH MY!!!

Let me start off by saying, that Dorothy, Todo and her motley crew had less troubles than my family has had over the last week and they even got attacked by flying monkeys!! Lets begin with the Anthrax thing. The other day I was hunting and found a really big 11 point buck dead under some bushes. He had been dead for some time but his antlers were still in perfect condition so I brought them home just like any redneck would do. When I get home I cleaned them up by sanding off some of the velvet and junk that was still left on the antlers. Well later that night I started coughing and hacking and I made a joke, "I probably got anthrax." Well the next morning I get a frantic call from my mom that I have symptoms of anthrax inhalation and need to go to the hospital. So I look it up for myself, and I do have coughing symptoms but what gets ya, is that anthrax inhalation kills with 5 days. WHOA!!! Hang on time to go to the ER. So I sit in the ER for 6 hours get x-rays, have every Dr. smirk at me when I tell them what's wrong, just to find out I had a little congestion. Later that evening I researched more and found out that anthrax in deer rarely ever occurs in Texas, and when it does it is normally in South Texas. Also anthrax is a spore, it can't live in cool temperatures, they have never seen a case of naturally occuring anthrax after the month of October-late April ever! That is an expensive lesson to learn. Next we have the Serum Sickness. I wrote Pam had been sick, well it gets worse. Last Wednesday she got some new medicine because her other medicine was making her sick at her stomach. She took the new medicine took a nap and woke up freaked out because she couldn't feel the right side of her body. I immediately tested her for stroke symptoms, she displayed none but we rushed to the hospital anyway. We left the hospital at around 2:00 that next morning to find out she had a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was prescribed. On Friday she still didn't have feeling and her lips were turning blue. So she went to see another Dr. who diagnosed her with Serum Sickness. It's complicated and you can google it but it's basically just a huge reation to an antibiotic she didn't need in the first place! She is getting better now but it will take about 3 weeks for the effects of the sickness to wear off. And last but not least we have a rash. What kind of rash you might be wondering. Well who knows. That is what our peidatrician said when I took Tamara in last Friday with a rash all over her upper body. Her exact words were and I quote, "Honestly I have no clue." I just looked at her and said, "Honestly neither do I!" But ya know I haven't gone to school for as long as you (yet) and I am not a Dr. so figure out what it is !!!!!! Yet today my baby still has the rash, so this afternoon we are going back to the Dr. who doesn't know what it is to see if maybe her memory has been jogged between Friday and now. Perhaps she is the scarecrow on our mystical journey to see the wizard and she should ask for a brain! So that is my last week in a brief but frustrated nutshell. (and I didn't even touch all the school work I'm now behind on!) Moral of this story is... well I have no clue but I'm sure there is one :)

V-Day Gift

Pam has been really sick lately so Valentine's Day at our house was uneventful. On top of her being sick MaKayla woke up yesterday with 102 fever and Tamara was covered in a rash so that really dampened the day. Hopefully when Pam gets well we can celebrate proper. Anyway, didn't have alot of cash this V-day because we are in the end of our get out of debt plan (1 month to go YEAH!!) so I got Pam some flowers and wrote her a couple of poems. She said I could post one of them, the other is secret :) Hope you enjoy like she did. (made her cry, totally unexpected!) I guess not all good gifts have to cost money.
After Thoughts

As I lay here in your arms, after making love so sweet
A thought keeps stirring inside my mind, Why Me?
Why do you even love me, why do you even care?
What did I do to deserve you; somehow it just doesn’t seem fair.
You deserve someone so much better, than I could ever be
And I just don’t understand why you’re lying here with me.
You see I’m not the greatest husband that there’s ever been
I’ve let you down and brought you tears time and time again.
I’m reckless and I’m anxious, unsure of what to do
I walk around half the time like there’s simply nothing to lose.
Yet you’re always right beside me, loving me through it all
You’re even there to pick me up when I stumble and I fall.
I don’t know how you do it; I’ll never understand
You’re a friend, a wife and lover to an undeserving man.
Your touch is like a drug, your kiss a prize so sweet
To have you in my life makes everything complete.
Now I feel you run your fingers up and down my spine
As all thoughts seem to fade away and flutter from my mind.
You whisper in the darkness “I love you and need you so,”
And promise till the end of time to never let me go.
So with your arms wrapped around me, your skin against my skin
I close my eyes and dream about loving you again.

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've come along way You and Me. I'm glad you keep me around. I love you more today than the first time I said the words and can't wait for a lifetime of Valentine's Days to come. You are the true beat of my heart. I love you.


Thoughts For The Day!

All morning I have been working on electrical outlets around the house and listening to the Roger Clemens case on ESPN. I have come to these conclusion like it or not:

1) Roger Clemens is a good man and I don't believe he used HGH or steroids
2) I really dislike democrats
3) Congress is on a witch hunt
4) Even if it does surface some how that Clemens did use HGH, so did everyone else for the last 20 years in Major League Baseball, so he had no competitive edge!!
5) Brian McNamee is a LIAR!!!
6) I don't like democrats
7) How is it Congress's business what Major League Baseball does? They don't investigate drug use of all the employees of Wal-marts and K-marts around the country!
8) Sen. Mitchell must have been one of the kids picked last on the ballfield so now he is getting back at ballplayers for all his years of unathleticism.
9) Roger Clemens deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, NO MATTER WHAT!!!
10) I really don't like democrats

Paging Dr. Tamara

The last few days Pam has been really sick with some kind of flu like bug. Running high fevers, coughing, and body aches. Trying not to get the girls sick I have been running them around everywhere trying to not expose them too much to their sick ole mommy. We were on our way to go for a bike ride and Tamara said, " Dad, mom is pretty sick, I think she has the fluids." MaKayla started laughing and said, "I think you mean the flu!" To which Tamara replied, "No it's like that only worse!" (Took everything I had to not bust out laughing) That night when we got home from our bike ride Tamara was not acting like herself. As the three of us sit down to eat, she just sat there staring at her food. I was worried she was getting sick, when all of the sudden she got up and whispered in my ear, "When you were little and you rode your bike alot, if you picked your shirt up could you see your heart beating." I turned my head to look at her and could see the worry in her face. All this time she was worried something was wrong with her, I smiled and replied, "that is totally normal, mine used to do that all the time before I got fat!" She smiled a smile of relief and went back to being herself. Then this morning she wanted to know if Dr.'s made alot of money. I said "yes" to which she replied very coyishly, "interesting." So now when I old I will have a professional golfer and Dr. I won't have to worry about retirement I am taken care of! (fingers crossed!!)

A New Day

I'd just as soon forget yesterday ever happened. Everything I touched went wrong and there was nothing I could do about it. Today will be better! It will have to be or tommorrow yall will be reading my obituary instead of my blog, because yesterday I'm pretty sure my luck had me teetering on the edge. Too bad we don't have a reset button cause I would have used it yesterday for sure!!!!

Motivational Thought For The Day

(sorry so small click on pic to read)

Much Too Young To Feel This ....Well Old!!

Really what's the deal here. I am 27 years old going on 80. When I was a kid I used to make fun of older people for all the pills they took. I used to laugh thinking how stupid it was...Well undoubtedly it wasn't stupid cause I'm doing it now. Not because I want to mind you. Oh no, it's because my body is trying to give up and I'm not going to let it. Every morning I take 3 horse size pills for bone and joint support, 2 Tylenol (those are just the first installments through the day, I alternate with advil as needed), 1 gigantic multi-vitamin, and 2 B-12 pills (because undoubtedly I have a B-12 deficiency). That is ridiculous!!!!! I know I played hard as a kid. I have 6 broken bones, a hip surgery, a reconstructive nose surgery, tendinitis in both my ankles, a bone spur in my left ankle and some weird curvature in my lower back to prove how hard I played but I'm in good shape and should not feel the way I do. Every morning I get up and my back hurts, my ankles hurt, my neck hurts, my hip feels like its stuck in a vice and that's not to mention the muscle pains. It's not like I just played in the Super Bowl or tried to become a professional bull rider or something; I just go to school and take care of my girls, yet I'm eroding faster than the ozone layer!!! I am not old and I refuse to let my body tell me otherwise. I workout 6 days a week, I eat right, drink plenty of cokes (way better than gatorade), get enough sleep and I am not going to fall apart yet! Oh and did I mention all my hair is turning gray!!! Oh yeah, Hair Club for Men here I come. The only good thing I can see is, so far it's just turning gray and not turning loose but that's not the point!!! I'm 27, I'm not even 30 yet and I feel like I'm on the downward slope of life! (Hope not cause 54 is certainly to young to sign out for good!) Chuck Norris is nearly 68 years old and I bet he doesn't even hurt like me! I need to find out what fountain he bathes in and get my swim on! Another thing that gets me is.....wait, ahhhhh my pills are kicking in.. pain is subsiding...muscles stopped aching... I'm 27 again!!! Now that's what I'm talking about. Chuck Norris eat your heart out. :p
Did you think I was joking!!!

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