Anthrax, Serum Sickness and Rashes OH MY!!!

Let me start off by saying, that Dorothy, Todo and her motley crew had less troubles than my family has had over the last week and they even got attacked by flying monkeys!! Lets begin with the Anthrax thing. The other day I was hunting and found a really big 11 point buck dead under some bushes. He had been dead for some time but his antlers were still in perfect condition so I brought them home just like any redneck would do. When I get home I cleaned them up by sanding off some of the velvet and junk that was still left on the antlers. Well later that night I started coughing and hacking and I made a joke, "I probably got anthrax." Well the next morning I get a frantic call from my mom that I have symptoms of anthrax inhalation and need to go to the hospital. So I look it up for myself, and I do have coughing symptoms but what gets ya, is that anthrax inhalation kills with 5 days. WHOA!!! Hang on time to go to the ER. So I sit in the ER for 6 hours get x-rays, have every Dr. smirk at me when I tell them what's wrong, just to find out I had a little congestion. Later that evening I researched more and found out that anthrax in deer rarely ever occurs in Texas, and when it does it is normally in South Texas. Also anthrax is a spore, it can't live in cool temperatures, they have never seen a case of naturally occuring anthrax after the month of October-late April ever! That is an expensive lesson to learn. Next we have the Serum Sickness. I wrote Pam had been sick, well it gets worse. Last Wednesday she got some new medicine because her other medicine was making her sick at her stomach. She took the new medicine took a nap and woke up freaked out because she couldn't feel the right side of her body. I immediately tested her for stroke symptoms, she displayed none but we rushed to the hospital anyway. We left the hospital at around 2:00 that next morning to find out she had a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was prescribed. On Friday she still didn't have feeling and her lips were turning blue. So she went to see another Dr. who diagnosed her with Serum Sickness. It's complicated and you can google it but it's basically just a huge reation to an antibiotic she didn't need in the first place! She is getting better now but it will take about 3 weeks for the effects of the sickness to wear off. And last but not least we have a rash. What kind of rash you might be wondering. Well who knows. That is what our peidatrician said when I took Tamara in last Friday with a rash all over her upper body. Her exact words were and I quote, "Honestly I have no clue." I just looked at her and said, "Honestly neither do I!" But ya know I haven't gone to school for as long as you (yet) and I am not a Dr. so figure out what it is !!!!!! Yet today my baby still has the rash, so this afternoon we are going back to the Dr. who doesn't know what it is to see if maybe her memory has been jogged between Friday and now. Perhaps she is the scarecrow on our mystical journey to see the wizard and she should ask for a brain! So that is my last week in a brief but frustrated nutshell. (and I didn't even touch all the school work I'm now behind on!) Moral of this story is... well I have no clue but I'm sure there is one :)


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