Thoughts For The Day!

All morning I have been working on electrical outlets around the house and listening to the Roger Clemens case on ESPN. I have come to these conclusion like it or not:

1) Roger Clemens is a good man and I don't believe he used HGH or steroids
2) I really dislike democrats
3) Congress is on a witch hunt
4) Even if it does surface some how that Clemens did use HGH, so did everyone else for the last 20 years in Major League Baseball, so he had no competitive edge!!
5) Brian McNamee is a LIAR!!!
6) I don't like democrats
7) How is it Congress's business what Major League Baseball does? They don't investigate drug use of all the employees of Wal-marts and K-marts around the country!
8) Sen. Mitchell must have been one of the kids picked last on the ballfield so now he is getting back at ballplayers for all his years of unathleticism.
9) Roger Clemens deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, NO MATTER WHAT!!!
10) I really don't like democrats


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