V-Day Gift

Pam has been really sick lately so Valentine's Day at our house was uneventful. On top of her being sick MaKayla woke up yesterday with 102 fever and Tamara was covered in a rash so that really dampened the day. Hopefully when Pam gets well we can celebrate proper. Anyway, didn't have alot of cash this V-day because we are in the end of our get out of debt plan (1 month to go YEAH!!) so I got Pam some flowers and wrote her a couple of poems. She said I could post one of them, the other is secret :) Hope you enjoy like she did. (made her cry, totally unexpected!) I guess not all good gifts have to cost money.
After Thoughts

As I lay here in your arms, after making love so sweet
A thought keeps stirring inside my mind, Why Me?
Why do you even love me, why do you even care?
What did I do to deserve you; somehow it just doesn’t seem fair.
You deserve someone so much better, than I could ever be
And I just don’t understand why you’re lying here with me.
You see I’m not the greatest husband that there’s ever been
I’ve let you down and brought you tears time and time again.
I’m reckless and I’m anxious, unsure of what to do
I walk around half the time like there’s simply nothing to lose.
Yet you’re always right beside me, loving me through it all
You’re even there to pick me up when I stumble and I fall.
I don’t know how you do it; I’ll never understand
You’re a friend, a wife and lover to an undeserving man.
Your touch is like a drug, your kiss a prize so sweet
To have you in my life makes everything complete.
Now I feel you run your fingers up and down my spine
As all thoughts seem to fade away and flutter from my mind.
You whisper in the darkness “I love you and need you so,”
And promise till the end of time to never let me go.
So with your arms wrapped around me, your skin against my skin
I close my eyes and dream about loving you again.


    whoa. love it.

    i want to cuss after reading that. in a good way.

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