What's A Dad To Do?

A couple of Christmases ago, we had a horrible wind storm that ripped the roof off of our carport and threw it up on top of the main house. In the process of this it destroyed most of our outside Christmas lights and damaged our Santa and Rudolph that goes on the house. Needless to say, I didn't bother replacing any of it last year, things were just too hectic. This year looked to be a repeat. I had intentions of putting up lights but there just never seemed to be enough time. The other night, Tamara wanted to know if we could put Christmas lights up on the house. I told her, "It's only a few days until Christmas and lights are expensive. Which would you rather have, lights on the house or present under the tree?" She replied in a very solemn voice, "All I need for Christmas is my family and love. I would risk getting any gifts if we could just have lights on our house." WHAT THE HECK!!!!! I mean there's guilt trips and then there's GUILT TRIPS. So Tuesday morning I dropped the girls off at school, went by Westlake and wouldn't you know it, their Christmas lights were on clearance for 75% off. I got most of the lights I would need (I wanted more, I love the Griswold house) and off to the decorate the house I went. I spent around 6 stinking hours decorating the house so it would be all ready when the girls got home from school, I even fixed Santa and Rudolph. I went and picked up the girls and Tamara didn't seem that impressed (I guess because it wasn't lit up). So that evening when it was dark, I had a Grand Viewing session. Both girls had big smiles on their faces and gave me big hugs which made the whole mess all worth it. Even if I am pretty sure that I got hoodwinked in the whole process.


I Love This Time Of Year!!! :)


I'm done with school, I'm done with school, I'm done with school hey, hey, hey, hey!
(well until next semester)

Cafeteria Fun

Today at the girls' school, it was Turkey and Dressing day. MMMM!!!! I remember as a kid loving the turkey and dressing days because it meant a holiday was around the corner. Anyway, since the menu at school was so yummy today, I decided to go eat with the girls. I have had a hectic schedule this semester and haven't got to eat with them as much as I usually like to, so today was a lot of fun. Tamara's lunch was at 11:50 and MaKayla's lunch was at 12:10, so I had to decide who I was actually going to "eat" with. I decided Tamara probably wouldn't eat all of her food so I could pick off of her plate and then I would get my own plate with MaKayla. While the food is not quite as good as I remember it, the atmosphere was. All the kids knew that the holidays were fast approaching, the excitement was high. As usual, Tamara was very lovey and wanted me to take her with me and well, MaKayla seemed uninterested that I was there probably because I'm not as "cool" as I once was. (We didn't get to sit next to her friends so she missed out on lunch room talk and believe me, I 'm still way cool) During Tamara's lunch I somehow got caught in a gossip chain and had to "pass on" the phrase, "Karis has a pink mustache." (because Karis was drinking strawberry milk) All the kids thought it was pretty funny that I joined in their silly games, but hey when in Rome... All in all it was a fun lunch date. I enjoy getting to see the girls in their school environment and feel a little nostalgic along the way. Its really hard to imagine that I was sitting right in their spot 20 years ago. I guess time really does fly when you are having fun.


Dear God,

I love you. If I die please remember me. God protect me, I want to stay alive. I know you are everywhere I go. God I love the world you created. I love everything about it.


This is what my baby wrote in her notebook earlier this afternoon, simply amazing. From the mouth of babes...


Uh..Yeah. I made a 100 in statistics. Not just on the final but for the semester. Un-freaking believable. (And to think I almost didn't pursue a degree in Psychology because of this class.)

I'm Crazy

Okay, its official, I have lost my stinking mind. I am voluntarily taking my statistics final early. Why you may ask? Well, I have other exams next week that I need to study for and get this, I totally understand statistics and I'm not worried about the final. Who really understands statistics??? I guess my mind thinks in that way, who knows. I know I will pass with an A so I'm not even worried about it. I think I've been possessed by some scholastic math demon. Well, here goes nothing...wish me luck. (not on the test but on getting this crazy demon out of my head!)

Like Fine Wine

There are few things in life that get finer with age...I'm glad I'm married to one of them.
Happy Birthday Pam! I love you more with every breath I take, I hope you have a awesome and fun 21st birthday ;)

Thanksgiving To Remember

Do you have a special place in the world? A place that fills your heart with joy and floods your mind with memories every time you think about it. I do, as far back as I can remember I have loved going to the farm down in Brownwood. So many wonderful times and memories have taken place there. Swimming (and taking baths) in the Colorado river, fishing from a paddle boat and catching tons of fish, quail hunting, coon hunting, deer hunting, hide and seek, good food and just overall relaxation. Growing up going to the farm was all I could ever think about. However, with busy schedules and extended families to visit we haven't got to go down there near as often as I would have liked lately. I have missed going down there a lot. I want my children to have the same fond memories of that place as I do. I was so excited this year when I found out we were going down there for Thanksgiving and let me tell you it did not disappoint. We had a wonderful time. Walking down to the river, spending time with family, looking for arrowheads, hunting (and killing deer), going late night coon hunting, watching fun movies, it was just like old times. What made my heart happiest was watching my two baby girls enjoy the place that produced probably the happiest times of my childhood. It was just so much fun. Now that I'm back home I find myself in the middle of finals yet I still really haven't come down from my Brownwood high. There's just something magical about that place to me, I'm never more relaxed than I am when I'm down there. It was good to go back and recharge. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and I look forward to seeing you all during Christmas. Cherish this time with your families, its such a wonderful time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I won't be checking the computer for a few days, so I wanted to wish all of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful time. Stay safe and enjoy time with your families. I hope to have some cool stories for you when I get back to writing in a few days.

P.S. 29 Days till Santa comes! :)


Today while driving home from picking the girls up, we stopped at a stop light. Tamara excitedly yelled, "Dad! Why is that one pigeon trying to ride piggy back on that other pigeon?!!!" UMM.....HMMM??? (think, think, think) Quickly I said, "Well, he's probably tired and they are buddies and he's just trying to give his friend a ride." "Then she said, "Well the one on top was flapping his wings and biting the other one's head, I wouldn't give my friend a piggy back ride if they did that to me." I said, "Honey, don't ever give anyone a piggy back ride and everything will be fine!" She replied, "Okay." GEEZ!!! One of these days answers like that aren't gonna work, man I dread those days!!


We had our pictures made with Jenny and they are AWESOME and yall can't see them until we give them out at Christmas!! NanerNaner Boo Boo!

Just A Friendly Reminder

Last night we sat around drinking hot chocolate and watching ABC Family's, countdown to 25 days till Christmas. They showed Santa Baby (very good show) and Holiday in Handcuffs (becoming one of our favorites). It really started setting the mood for the holidays. I'm so excited and can't wait!!! And here's the good news...

There is only
36 Days and 15 hours left until

I Love This Time Of Year

Anticipation. That's what this time of year is all about. Anticipating seeing family for Thanksgiving. Anticipating the pumpkin pies, turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes and lazy afternoons watching football games and Peanut specials. Anticipating Christmas shows, Rudolph and Frosty, hot chocolate and snuggley nights. Anticipating a fat little man with rosey red cheeks sneaking down the chimney to bring presents. Anticipating Christmas morning and the excitement and joy in your children's eyes as they experience the magic of Christmas for another year. There is not another time of year that is as magical as this time of year. My entire life I have loved Thanksgiving and Christmas,and the older I have gotten the more special it all becomes. I try not to take for granted any moment of this time. I try to remember every detail, savor every yummy smell and every familiar face. Too many times we stress about getting the perfect gift, preparing the perfect meals and being the perfect host. That's not what its all about. Its about spending time together. It reminds me of the last time MaKayla and I went deer hunting together. I planned and worried and did so much to make it a special trip. We ate out at cool places and went and saw cool things. We even shot a couple of deer, which I was for sure would be the highlight of the trip. On the way home she had a smile on her face that nothing or nobody could erase so I asked her, "What was your favorite part of the trip?" I fully expected her to say something like , "Seeing Ft. Mason or eating at that cool BBQ place or best of all getting to shoot a couple of deer," yet her answer left me speechless. She simply turned and said, "Spending time with you." After all the worrying, planning and effort I put in, the thing she enjoyed the most was TIME. Remember that this Holiday season. I know that there will be stresses, worries and expectations but in the end its about the time we give to each other and what we do with it. Stop for a minute, take a breath and look around...its a good time a year, enjoy the beauty of each day and the anticipation of days to come. Here's a song to help you get in the mood.

Music don't get much better than this!

P.S. There is only 42 days until Christmas!!!! :)


I'm thinking, I'm thinking, YET...there's nothing there????


I opened my one year Bible today to read the daily passage and this is what it said

Ezekiel 12:1-3

The word of the LORD came to me: "Son of man, you are living among a rebellious people. They have eyes to see but do not see and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people.
"Therefore, son of man, pack your belongings for exile and in the daytime, as they watch, set out and go from where you are to another place. Perhaps they will understand, though they are a rebellious house."

Pretty Weird Huh?

So I was right, we are supposed to go to Canada! :) Crazy how versus come up on certain days and then seem really relevant whether they are or not.

I like this quote I saw today, I think it also goes with the current events, it says

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on." - Robert Frost



I think I'm gonna have to learn the words to this song. Stinking Americans!!!!!

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!From far and wide,
O Canada,
We stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Trick or Treat

Last night we carved pumpkins with Amy and Alex. It was alot of fun. There were some really good ones and umm...some different ones :) Whatever they looked like the memories were all good!

Tamara's Alien "Voted #1"
MaKayla's Headless Horseman
Alex's Monster
Amy's Elmo???
Starving Artists

4 Days

It's been 4 days since I last had a diet Coke. My head hurts, I'm sleepy and I'm not in a very good mood. This quitting Cokes thing is not one of my better ideas!

Where Did The Time Go?

My heart sank today. Not because the economy is down, or that I have 3 exams in the next week, or that money is tighter than security at Fort Knox right now. Nope, it sank because today at school I saw a little girl holding her Daddy's hand walking around campus. Then just like that, a flood of memories came crashing into my mind, reminding me of another time and another place. It seems like just yesterday, I had a two year old and a four year old walking around campus with me, looking at the rabbits, fountains and ground squirrels. Yet today as I walked through campus I was all alone. My little girls are growing up and there is nothing I can do to stop it. When they were that age, I was so stressed about so many things that I forgot to enjoy that time with them because it always seemed like it would last forever and now its gone. If I only knew then what I know now, I would have cherished every breathing second of my babies being little. I guess life moves on.


No words to say really...just pictures to post :)

Waiting on the sea lion show at Sea World.

My greatest accomplishment so far :)

Exploring at the Longhorn Caverns

Best goalie in the league!!

My little superstar!


Today I went up to Pam's school and watched as she got her hair cut off for Pantene Beautiful Lengths. It was an awesome contribution and selfless act that will certainly help someone who has lost their hair due to cancer. I was extremely proud of her and have to admit I teared up while I was recording the whole thing during her schools morning assembly. After she was done the kids stood up and said the Pledge of Allegiance. I haven't said the Pledge of Allegiance in a long time. You know we don't have morning assembly at my school mainly because that falls under the, "You know how I know your gay?" category. Anyway, as I stood there hand over heart reciting the pledge, I felt a great since of pride and gratefulness for the country that I live in. So many people gripe about this great nation, yet we take for granted all the freedoms and rights that we have. I'm so proud and thankful for our soldiers defending our nation and making it safe for others around the world as well and whether you believe in what the government is doing or not, know that those soldiers are giving up their comforts and possibly lives for you so at least support them. We live in a unique, wonderful nation and sometimes with our busy hectic lives we forget that. So today I feel proud. Proud of my wife who gave to someone who is suffering and in need and Proud of my country and the men and women who are out there defending it. All of you are my heroes.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible,With Liberty and Justice for all.

Lose Yourself

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds.

"Cleanin' out my closet" (must have found some new clothes)

"Rockstar" (that's what I'm talking about)

"Better than Me" (hmm...)

"Sandman" (off to never never land!)

"Surround Me" (cause I'm so dangerous)

"If its Over" (what????)

"Party Like a Rockstar." ( that would be awesome!)

"You Don't Know." (obviously or you wouldn't have asked)

"Ayo Technology." - pretty appropriate if you know the song ;)

" Switch" (haha that's pretty funny)

"Get Stoned" (I have such high goals for my life!)

"Shake That" (LOL That is funny!)

"Its been awhile" (For what?????)

"I am whatever you say I am" (Not bad I may have to suggest that to Pam)

"Into the Night" (undoubtedly I'm afraid of the dark..didn't know that about myself)

"In da club" (And you know this!)

"London Bridge" (Great now my house is gonna fall down)

"Lose Yourself"


Lately, I've been learning how to breathe. Not for oxygen but for life. I've been learning to slow down, look around and embrace this moment that I'm in. Its not where I want to end up, but its where I am right now and its good. I am a good student, friend, husband and dad. I don't know where God wants me to be but I will keep walking and looking until he shows me. I love my wife now more than the day I met her, more than yesterday, more than one second ago. My children are beautiful, talented, intelligent little girls that love me very much. We have a nice home and good vehicles. I've been so hard on myself for so long, but I think its time to give me a break. I can't please everyone and I'm not even going to try anymore. I am moving forward, I am happy and no matter what I know that it will all work out with time. This is my life, the only one I have and I'm going to live it.

I love this song! Someday I might even write one like it ;)

Thoughts To Ponder

Some thoughts to kick around:

  • It takes 46 muscles to frown but only 4 to flip 'em the bird.

  • Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

  • Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

  • Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?

  • Everybody wants to go to heaven; but nobody wants to die.

  • The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.

  • Is it good if a vacuum really sucks?

  • Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

and finally...

  • If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Good Times

Sometimes going and doing stuff without the kids is like a break from reality. I mean don't get me wrong, I love my girls, but I love that woman of mine bunches too! This past weekend I got to have a bunch of adult time with Pam. (Not like that you perverts!) Friday night we went to the OHS v. PHS game with Landon and Sarah. The company was great, but the game was horrible!!!! (OHS got routed to say the least!) Then on Saturday evening we went out with our good friends Andy and Tessa to our hunting lease to go bird hunting. The wind was blowing 30 miles an hour and the hunting stunk but we had a super fun time. We laughed and joked and talked like adults instead of talking to little kids. It was great! So here's to a good wife, good friends and good times!
Pam and Tessa holding the can and bottle that they shot!!
This made the trip fun!!! This guy was about 4' long
My goodlooking Redneck Woman!

Did You Say Something?

"I sometimes worry about my short attention span, but not for very long."

Just A Thought

I have stuff to write but no time right now. I have tons of reading for my psychology classes to do. I just have a thought stuck in my mind. Last night we were watching a movie with the girls about a young soccer player trying to decide what she wanted to do with her life. I could definitely relate with how she was feeling. Anyway, at one point her coach pulled her to the side and said, "At some point in time you have to quit following your life and lead it." This has been a burning thought in my head for the past 12 hours or so. Am I ready to do that? If I was, where would I lead myself? What if I'm wrong? All of this is just tumbling around in an already confused mind. I know its time to make a move, but which one is just beyond my grasp right now. I'll keep walking, keep going forward, preparing for that moment when I know and I can take off and run.

No Rest For The Weary

Have you ever been so tired that proper functioning is really just not possible? I am in the middle of that place now. All last week I was just dragging needing to catch up on some rest but it wasn't gonna happen. You see, this past Saturday morning Pam and I got up and left the house at 7:00 to drive to Waco so we could go to her Dad's retirement party. We left the girls with my parents because the trip was going to be to short and well, too long. So we got to Waco around noon and hung out until around 6:00 then headed to the retirement party. It was a nice party. Besides my in-laws I'm pretty sure I knew no one, which is good cause that meant I could disappear in the crowd and didn't have to talk to much ;) After the party Pam's sister's and brother decided all us simblings should go out, so we did. We went to this sports bar place called George's and hung out and laughed and had a good time. We orginally were going to stay the night with Pam's Dad but when we found out he was leaving for Virginia at 5:15 the next morning we decided to stay with Pam's older sister Kasey and her husband Shane. So anyway, after hanging out for a while we went back to Kasey and Shane's and stayed up a little longer. I think we finally went to bed around 2:30. We woke up around 8:00 (ugh!) and had breakfast and hung out a little longer then hit the road back to Odessa. It was a long, long short trip. Pam and I crashed on the couch Sunday night trying to watch a movie and don't know that we have either fully woke up since. So here I am so sleepy I can hardly function and I have a test today in Abnormal Psychology which I didn't really get to study for because I was driving all weekend and at the same time trying to get ready for my first Statistics test that will be in a couple of days, along with reading 200 pages in my Cognitive Psych book so I don't completely bomb the next test coming up in a week or so. (It is a very hard class!!!!) Yet there is no rest for the weary! So now I have to log off now, run by Town and Country and get me 44oz. of my favorite lifeline (Diet Coke) and drive to Midland to go to my Statistics class, hopefully I won't fall asleep driving like I did on my way home from Waco but hey that's a completely different story :)


Tamara has recently discovered a new talent. I have to say I am rather impressed with this current display of , athleticism(???) Whatever you want to call it, it's cool and I sure can't do it. Believe me I tried and ended up on my back. So here are a couple of pics of my amazing spider kid.

Mommy admiring the talent!

She drops back to earth from there!!

The Little Rat

Per a request by KJ here are a couple of pics of the new little rat we adopted. His official breed name is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, they cost like $700 but we got him for free!! (that's the only way we would have gotten him) His name is Rufio, like the lost boy off of Peter Pan. (No we didn't name him) He also answers to Roofster, Froto and you stupid little dog. He is highly intelligent. We've had him since Friday afternoon and already he can sit, stay, lay down, dance, jump and we're working on speaking. The girls love him and deep deep down I'm sure I do too ;)

Don't let the innocent look fool you!!!!

Giving Kisses



We adopted a dog this past weekend. He is smart, young and energetic. He barks and barks and barks and barks and barks. He was supposed to be crate trained...he's not. He was supposed to be house broke...he's not. Last night I went to bed around midnight, he began barking at 1:00, by 1:45 he quit. 2:00 Pam started yelling at someone in her sleep, the dog began barking again, except this time he barked until 3:30. 3:45 Pam again started yelling at someone in her sleep, I in turn yell at Pam to be quiet and quit talking. The dog starts barking again. He barks until 5:30. At this point, I am resolved to not go in there while he is barking that will only strengthen his behavior. 5:45 he begins barking again he does so until my alarm goes off at 6:30. I wait...he goes 5 min. without barking, so I go in there and reward him with a treat and take him outside to go potty (which he never did). He just wants to play...HA HA HA!!!! You just kept me up all night and you want to play??!!! So I let him back in and wake everyone up, take my bath walk in my room and the little fur ball was asleep in my bed. UH, NO!!!! I holler at him, start barking and acting like a clinically insane person. If that little rat thinks he can keep himself and me up all night and then sleep in my bed he has another thing coming!!! He could stay out all night if he'd quit chewing stuff up and peeing and marking everywhere. So that's it, I feel like my mind is gone. I have huge bags under my eyes, my body aches and my motivation for this day is shot, just like that little dog will be if he puts me through one more night of barking hell!

Crazy Kid!

The other night MaKayla, Tamara and me were laying on the couch playing and watching T.V. Tamara reached over and grabbed MaKayla by the leg and blurted out, "Your leg feels like a shaved puppy dog leg!" Me and MaKayla busted out laughing. Luckily it didn't hurt MaKayla's feelings but with as hairy a legs as her parents have she really doesn't have much of a chance anyway. (What am I talking about, Pam's legs are as slick as a thistle, I mean whistle!) Where Tamara thinks these things up, I will never know.

How Awesome Is Technology?!!

I'm sitting here in the library at school, working on homework and watching the Ryder Cup live on the computer at the same time!!!! How awesome is that? I don't know how much homework I'll get done but homework will always be there, I mean come on the Ryder Cup is only one once every two years. Life is good :)

I Do

On this day around 7:30 p.m. 9 years ago my life was forever changed. You see that is the time that Pam said "I Do." Is there any other 2 words that are more powerful when it comes to love? I Do promise to love you through good and bad, I Do take you as mine for the rest of my life, I Do expect you to make mistakes but will love you anyway, I Do want to have children with you, I Do want to grow old with you, I Do want to experience life with you and it could go on and on. When I was 19 years old I did not realize the power of these two words. I didn't realize how this simple phrase could transform two lives into one. Yet 9 years later, with many ups and down, laughter and tears and 2 beautiful children I fully understand the power of I Do. Without Pam saying "I Do," I don't know where I would be today. She said "I Do," want to be your girlfriend on June 21, 1998. She said "I Do," when I asked "Will you marry me," in Bronte, TX at a Town and Country March 20, 1999. Yet most importantly she said I Do when the preacher (Uncle Dave) asked "Do you take this man to be your husband?" Now everyday she looks me in the eyes and says "I Do love you more than than I did yesterday, more than words can describe." I hope she knows that "I Do" too.

I love you Pam! Thank you for these last nine years. There have been good times and bad times, yet you've always been right there. You are my North, when I'm lost and can't find my way I know you are always there. You save me from myself when no one else can. You are my best friend, lover, mother of my children and the best wife a man could ever ask for. To think of one second of my life without you is simply unbearable. I hope you know how much I love you and how much I need you in my life. You are my partner. I'm simply not me without you. Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you, Adam.


I Love It!

I love that Fall is almost here! I love the smell of Fall in the air. I love the coolness in the mornings and the mildness through the day. I love that hunting season, football season and baseball playoffs are here. I love that we get to put out all the festive decorations. I love that Charlie Brown specials will soon be playing on T.V. to commemorate the holidays. I love that Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching. Fall is my favorite time of year and today feels like fall and I love it.

The Things I Will Cherish Most

As life rolls on and time flies by, there is so much that I just don't remember that well anymore. Sure I can stop and think back and try to reminisce on days gone by but there are just some things that when they pass, they are gone. Then there are some things that happen in life that you will remember vividly and can replay them over and over in your head like it just happened. I love those moments! I love those moments with my wife, and I love those moments with my girls. Over the past couple of weeks me and my girls have been going out bird hunting at our lease. The hunting hasn't been all that good, but the company and memories have been awesome. I cherish all the time I get to spend with them like this, because I remember like it was yesterday the time I spent with my dad like that. I hope I'm doing as good a job with them as he did with me. I pray that I can always remember each detail of our adventures together and when I'm too old and my mind has forgotten. that they'll still remember and retell the stories to me so I can enjoy them all over again.


It still hasn't worn off!


I took Nyquil last night...it still hasn't worn off!
It's gonna be a long day.

What The...??

Okay, I realize I am not as young as I once was but this is really getting out of hand now. It's time I do something to regain my youth or it may leave me forever! Let me explain, as stated in a previous blog, I take more pills each morning than most 7o year old hypochondriacs. Now to add to this old age behavior, I have tons of gray hair to go with it and to make matters worse, a couple of my chest hairs are now turning on me as well. (They have been voted off the island) I find myself going to bed earlier and earlier, which isn't anything too disturbing since I have always been someone early to bed, but in the context of old age, it is! Now comes the kicker. I have to drive to Midland College twice a week for a statistic class that I need. It is exactly 24 miles from my house to MC. I have now found myself driving this long boring stretch of road at the whopping speed limit of 62 mph. Why 62 mph you may ask. Well it goes something like this, gas is expensive and I drive a 1993 Explorer. While it is still very dependable it lacks the ability of great fuel economy, so if I drive slower it gets better mileage. Still you ask, why 62 mph? Well, I refuse to drive 10mph under the speed limit but just going 5 mph under the speed limit seems like a waste of time. So there I am, driving down the stretch of road I used to push the speed limit to the max on, getting past by a 80 year old driving a 20 year old Buick Park Avenue. (and giving me a dirty look as she goes by) The bad thing is I enjoy driving at this speed! I kind of kick back, relax, put on a little Don Williams and let the good times roll. The reality of the situation is, my youth is rolling right out the window with it. So I guess that's that, I am officially the person I used to make fun of only a few short years ago. Stop laughing! This isn't funny, it is a serious matter that can only be solved with the purchase of a 2009 Chevy Camaro. I think the dealership will probably just wanna trade me straight up, my Explorer for their Camaro. (I mean that seems fair to me) Then we'll see who the old person is... I might even drive 68 mph in my new car, but at least I'll look awesome doing it!

Question of the Day

When do you know that you are being the best "you" that you can be?

Thought For The Day

I read this quote today and it has really made me think. Hope all of you enjoy it as well.

The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.

Too Loud!!

Here I am sitting in the school library, trying to work on homework, only...THERE IS TOO MUCH NOISE!!! Keyboards clicking, sliding doors opening, non six inch voices from those in the library, the sounds of printers and copiers doing their thing and all of this is stopping me from concentrating. Oh but wait, imagine this... me sitting at a row of computers in the library with orange ear plugs I use for hunting in my ears, banging my head against the computer screen cause not only do I now look retarded but I can still hear the noise!!! I need quiet, I need solitude. I'm gonna go postal on all these people if they don't quieten down. Geez I have issues!!!

Just Wanted To Say...

Thanks for your prayers :)


Sometimes it is best to say positive things and think positive things over and over until those positive actions take over the bad and depressed thoughts and feelings you may experience. Then sometimes its best just to be completely honest and ask for help from others around you. Today I'm in that place. If you are reading this I need your prayers. I need you to lift me up before God because right now I really don't feel like it, just to be brutally honest. I try to focus on the good things in my life (which are many), I try to think on positive things God has revealed to me, yet I find myself and have found myself for a long time in a constant state of worry and depression. I am not happy, I am irritable, I am confused, I am anything but probably what I should be. Most of all though I am tired. I am tired of feeling this way, tired of not knowing, tired of going nowhere, I'm tired of all the faces that I have to wear to get through a day/week/month. Somehow, somewhere I feel like I've lost me. I've lost who I really am. I know God is here but right now I just can't seem to find him. What have I become? Where is my joy and direction?? My heart hurts so much right now, my mind is tired and its all I can do to hold back the tears. I feel broken and I don't know where to go from here. This is not a happy funny blog I know, but it is real. It is who I am right now. I've tried so hard to get through this on my own, now I need the prayers of others. I've been reading the story of Job and although not to the same extreme I feel like I'm in somewhat of the same place. I don't blame God for the state I'm in I just want out. I know sometimes you have to be broken to be made new but I'm tired and I want peace and rest. I'm sorry for dumping on my blog like this but my insides feel like they are about to explode and I just need to get all of this off my chest. But other than all that, things are super :)

First Days Stink!

My babies started school again today. I hate first days. First days mean that they are getting older, first days mean one grade closer to graduation, first days mean another year closer until they will be on their own and I won't have anymore first days with them. Yesterday they were babies today they are 1st and 3rd graders, tommorrow freshmen in college. Yep, its official first days really suck!


I love my wife's peaches....

that she puts in homeade peach cobbler!
(You nasty minded people!!)

Never Back Down!

Lately my girls have been on a wrestling and boxing kick. Perhaps we have been watching too much UFC but at least they are learning how to defend themselves. Anyway, the other night we were wrestling/boxing and they are tag team whooping on me. I finally get MaKayla off of me for minute so that I could box Tamara who now was wearing a pair of boxing gloves. So there I am on my knees, doing my best to show some fancy footwork (on my knees), boxing my tough little six year old. MaKayla has now moved from fighter to referee. So the fight began. It was more of a boxing/mma fight. There was kicking, head locks, submission moves, sucker punches, you name it we had it. Deep in the 2nd round, I purposely dropped my guard to let Tamara get a punch in. She must have been anticipating this move because as I dropped my guard a devastating right hook came flying in out of nowhere catching me right on the nose and tearing up both my eyes. I think she saw the stunned look on my face because like any great fighter does after catching the other fighter, she came in for the kill. She was throwing haymaker after haymaker and I was crouched over laughing, trying to get the blurry out of my eyes from the shot on my nose. At this point I am in a tucked position and she is on my back pounding away at the back of my head. I couldn't quit laughing at her intensity which I think in turn made her mad and more intense. Finally, after being pummeled for several minutes, the so called referee stepped in and stopped the fight proclaiming Tamara the winner. Although, I was still laying there laughing when it was all said and done, meanwhile, Tamara was dancing around like a prize fighter proclaiming her victory. Make no mistake, there will be a rematch and I will be ready for that crazy 40lb. six year old in our next fight. I've upped my workouts and training to six days a week, I listen to "Eye of the Tiger" every morning and have begin training in the ancient art of whoop-my-chai. I'm determined and focused and the next time I meet that little maniac in the ring I will beat her like the circus monkey she is. We will be selling the fight for $49.95 on pay-per-view if any of you are wanting to watch the most electrifying fight in history take place. We accept cash, money order or check made out to the Lewis Children College Fund. Don't miss out on your opportunity to watch history!

Alot of Thinking!

In the last month, I have been asked two different questions that I really had never thought of and wasn't quite sure what the answer was. About a month ago Pam and I drove to Ft. Worth to pick up our new Expedition. (Well its a 2005 but its new to us) Anyway, while sitting in the salesman's office he stopped from his paper work, looked up at me and asked, "So what's your dream?" I just sat there and starred at him. I didn't know what to say, I came to buy a vehicle not dive into my life. Finally, I gave him some generic answer but it wasn't the truth because I didn't know what the real answer was. What is my dream?? I have been pondering this for the last month and have not yet been able to come up with an answer. Then I was chatting with my uncle a couple of days ago and we were talking about my need for perfection and the direction I was going in life. He then asked me, "What is your definition of failure?" Why do people keep asking me me such intense questions?? I honestly had never sat down and tried to define failure. I have always been afraid to "fail" my entire life. So anyway I sat there for a minute thinking of what I feel like failure is and I said, "Failure is not reaching your goal." Feeling like that was a pretty descent answer. He then said to me, "part of your problem is in your definition of failure. If you base success on your entire life, then the only way you can fail is simply to not try. Therefore failure is defined as not trying." It was one of those ah ha! moments or the light bulb above the head moments. I was looking at failure wrong and I also have been failing. I have been afraid to try many different things because I felt like if I was good at them then I would be responsible for those actions. Like Peter Parker's uncle told him in the movie Spiderman, "With success comes responsibility." I've been so afraid to dream because I'm afraid of what may come in those pursuits. So by failing to dream I have also been failing to act or try which in the scheme of life is failure. This may not make since to you who are reading this but in the last 48 hours that I have been pondering it, it has re energized and excited me. I am not a failure and I plan to call that salesman back in the near future and tell him what my dream is. It is amazing how God reveals himself sometimes in simple conversations if you are seeking him for answers. I will succeed and with God's help greatness will come from that success.

Kinda Sad...

Today Pam had to start back to school, she has some workshops she has to attend. So I am home alone with the girls and we are all just a little bummed! We've been married almost 9 years and have been together over 10 and I still never get tired of spending all day with her. This has been a wonderful summer and I'm sure we will have a wonderful fall and winter as well but I just wish I could have a few more days of just me and her in this summer. There just never seems to be enough time, I guess I will just have to spend the rest of my life trying to catch up for the first 18 years that I didn't have her in my life. :)

One Word

One Word…
1. Where is your cell phone? Counter
2. Your significant other? Pam
3. Your hair? short
4. Your Skin? tan
5. Your mother? Indescribable
6. Your Favorite Thing? Love
7. Your dream last night? weird
8. Your favorite drink? DietCoke :)
9. Your dream/goal? Succeed
10. The room you’re in? MaKayla's
11. Your ex? painful
12. Your fear? Losing
13. where do you want to be in six years? Somewhere
14. Where were you last night? mother-in-law's
15. What you’re not? sure
16. Muffins? zuccini
17. One of your wish list items? Rich
18. Where you grew up? Odessa
19. The last thing you did? Workout
20. What are you wearing? shorts
21. Your TV? Off
22. Your pet(s)? weird
23. Your computer? silver
24. Your life? enjoyable
25. Your mood? anxious
26. Missing someone? Chad
27. Your car? Charcoal
29. Favorite Store? BassProShop
30. Your summer? refreshing
31. Like someone? Yes
32. Your favorite color? Red
33. When is the last time you laughed? whileago
34. Last time you cried? dunno
35. Who will/would re-post this? Amy
36. Whose Answers are you anxious to see? All

I Think Something's Wrong With Me!!

It has been an awesome summer no doubt. Fishing, hiking, golfing, playing but now oddly enough, I find myself ready to go back to school! I guess I'm just eager to get done with it but never in my academic life have I ever looked forward to going back to school. I think I will rush myself to the ER and let them check me over, I'm pretty sure that I have some sort of brain damage or some life threatening medical condition. Don't laugh or even crack a smile this is not funny and needs to be handled in a most serious manner. I'll update you further when I find out what could be causing this strange phenomenom.

By The Way...

How Lucky Am I???

I just can't figure out how I'm the boy who snagged this girl!

Lucky Me

It seems as though this summer has slowly sucked the life out of my blog! I have had such a wonderful summer and have had so much I could have written about, but it seemed as if the time just wasn't there. Everytime I stopped to write, my mind would go astray or I would hear, "Daddy come play!" Living life has almost killed my blog :) However, I do intend to pick back up here in the coming week or so. We just got back from a wonderful vacation to Sea World and Inks Lake and I'll include pictures of that and just update everyone on all the cool happenings. Lately my mind has been wondering back to when I was a kid and it has made me sad... no matter how much I think back I can never ever go back. I miss things from my childhood, I miss things from growing up. I love my life now but I loved my life then and what seemed like yesterday is now 20 years ago. I want to embrace life today more fully. Take in every moment I can with my wife, kids and myself because before I know it yesterday will be 40 years ago and so much will have changed. I hope all of you who read my blog are having a wonderful summer and I promise to begin writing again soon. Until then here is a couple of pics from my grand adventures!

Alex and I after a good day of fishing!

At Amy and Alex's Wedding

Hangin with my girls in Fun Valley

Family fun at Sea World

Wonderful time at Inks Lake

Hello Blogging World!

I didn't realize I hadn't blogged in like 20 years and right now I am about to go hit some golf balls so this won't be a grand blog but its something! Just to let yall know I'm still here and I do have things to write when I get the chance. I do have to say this...for anyone looking to get in extreme shape, go to crossfit.com! Go at your own pace but it will change how you workout. Its fast, hard and results are inevitable! That's all I got for now, gotta run...hope everyone is well.

Joke for the Day:

What did the farmer say when he saw a brown chicken and a brown cow?

Brownchicken Browncow! (Say it fast its funnier)


In reference to yesterday's blog. Is there any drink that would taste good while eating a banana??? I thought about it all night and came up with nothing! Just wondering.


Okay today I tasted the grossest thing ever! I was eating a banana and I got thirsty so I reached over and grabbed my Diet Coke, took a big swig and UGHHH!!!!! It like foamed up all nasty in my mouth and I'm pretty sure I threw up a little bit (couldn't really tell because the banana/diet coke mixture felt the same) ran to the sink and spit it out. Then pulled the little water shooter thingy from the sink, turned on the sink full blast and washed off my tongue. Needless to say I threw away the banana and while it took me awhile I finally finished off my Coke. Note to self and anyone reading: DO NOT MIX DIET COKE AND BANANA!!!


In my life songs always move me. More than just words but the meaning behind the words. You know that when that person wrote that song they were feeling an emotion, happy, sad, mad, destroyed, blessed, etc. I love all kinds of music if there is meaning behind the words. I like it especially when it grabs you and you can relate to the song or words that are written. Anyway when I hear a song I like I will listen to it until I wear holes in it (if you can do that). This is the chorus of a new song by Kenny Chesney and if I have listened to it once in the last 2 weeks I've listened to it 1,000 times. I know this is a weird post but its all that's in my head besides empty space :)

There's things that I can't leave alone
Cause they won't leave me alone
And what I want ain't what I need
Still I reach for the things I crave
Better try to run away
Am I afraid of being free?
When I'm not chasing demons
There's demons chasing me

So Close I Can Taste It

I have written my last paper of the semester (17 pages) and now I have just one final exam to go. I am so ready for summer to be here. I have a lot of projects that I've started and need to get done. Plus it all means that I'm one step closer to that little piece of paper to hang on my wall!!! I think I might want a masters degree......What the heck am I saying I just want to get through the next 3 semesters find a good coaching job and see what happens from there. I must be delirious from all the typing. I better quit before I say something really bad!

For Pam

Everything I am is because of my wife. She gives me purpose and reason. Our lives together have never been easy but we've made it through each and every step of the way. She is loving, patient, understanding and drop dead gorgeous! She has put up with a lot from me over the years and as we get closer to reaching the next milestone in our life (me finishing school) I just want to let her know how much I appreciate and love her. Here is a song that if I could've written for her I would've. I love you Pam you are my rock and make me who I am, without you none of this would matter.



My semester is almost done. I am chomping at the bits to be done with this semester. I think I will officially be considered a senior starting in the fall so that's cool too. I've finally made it back to the big dog on campus even though I pretty much know no one. Probably by next Tuesday I'll be laying on a beach somewhere in Mexico drinking a cold one and catching some sun. (Or at least in a lawn chair in my back yard, with my feet in a kiddie pool!) :)

The Saddest Thing I've Ever Seen

I've seen some sad depressing things in my life but none as sad as what I saw a couple of days ago. Tamara and I were working in the back yard digging some holes, picking weeds and stuff like that. It started getting hot so I told Tamara I was going in to get a drink. When I came back out I heard her talking. It sounded like she was talking to someone! So I peeked around the corner to see my baby girl sitting on the ground next to where her kitty was buried just talking to the ground. Telling Jasmine how much she missed her and wished she hadn't died. She said, "I know you're in my heart, but I want you here with me." I was completely floored. I sat and watched her for several minutes, then she kissed her hand and put it on the ground and got up and started digging some more. I went out there and acted like nothing happened cause I didn't know what to say. My heart was broken, I was ready to go get another kitten for my angel and am still not convinced that we shouldn't. All this time she has acted like it hasn't bothered her too much, I guess that is not the case. It is amazing how little minds work, it will never cease to amaze me.


Is life a process or a destination? Why?

Something I Never Said

I just was sitting and thinking and realized I never wrote a congratulations to my sister and Alex for their recent engagement. I have to be honest, when Amy first told me she was dating Alex a few years ago I wasn't too sure about it. I've always been secretly protective of Amy although I rarely show it. Amy's desires have been no different than ANY girl in this world. From the time she was little she dreamed of a knight in shining armor riding in and sweeping her off her feet. Like most women, she didn't find that knight on the first attempt but she waited and when the time was right God brought him to her. She finally found the man ALL girls dream about and some never find. Over the past three years I have seen two people fall madly in love. It has been far from perfect believe me, I've seen the arguments, but that is no different than any other relationship. With every hardship they have grown stronger and closer and that's what love is all about. Today, Alex has become one of my best friends and someone I can depend on, no longer my sister's boyfriend, but a member of the family. As their wedding fast approaches I am reminded of my own wedding to my beautiful wife and remember how stressful it can all be. To those of you who are married you remember how important each detail seemed and how time seems to fly during this time where it was crawling before. But a wedding is not about dresses, who can come and who can't, when is the showers going to be or "why are we doing it like that", where the ceremony takes place, who's friends with who, or who's feathers get ruffled over silly trivial things. A wedding is a joining of two hearts. It is a sacred bond between those two people and God. Everyone in contact with Alex and Amy should help them enjoy each moment of this process because before long 10 years will have gone by and it will all be a cherished but clouded memory. This is the one time in two people's lives where it is okay to be a little selfish and have things your way, you only got one shot at getting it right. Congratulations to the two of you, may you have a blessed relationships full of happiness and joy. May the good times always out weigh the bad and each day become better than the last. I love you both very much.

If you're bored and have nothing better to do, try this:

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME (first pet, current car): Tanner Cavalier

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME (fave ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe):
Praline Saucony

3. YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN NAME (favorite color, favorite animal): Red Armadillo

4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, city where you were born): Adam Odessa

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of your first name) Lewmi

6. SUPERHERO NAME (2nd favorite color, favorite drink): Green Diet Pepsi

7. NASCAR NAME (the first names of your grandfathers): James Floyd

8. STRIPPER NAME ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent,favorite candy)

Polo Sport Almond M&M

9. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME (your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter): Wilson Waverly

10. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower): Fall Lantana

11. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now)

Grapefruit Shorts

12. HIPPIE NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree) Kashi Go Lean Willow

That's My Girl!

Tonight me and my girls had to run to Midland to do a little shopping. On the way home Pam asked if I was okay and I told her I was just really tired from being sick all week and I have lots of school work due and I feel like because I have been sick I have fallen behind on both school and home stuff. After a few more minutes of driving we hear this teary voice from the back seat, "Mommy you need to love Daddy more!" (It was my Tamara) She continued, "Daddy does lots for us and he's sick and you need to help." Pam asked "Don't I help out with the laundry, dishes, homework? And I work ya know." Tamara then replied even more teary, "you need to do more, I go to school now and you need to help Daddy! When I do my homework if he's sick I get up and take it to him, I don't ask him to get up. Daddy needs more lovin." Pam said, "I do love Daddy bunches and I take good care of him." Tamara again replied, "He needs more, you need to give more lovin." This whole time I can see this look of astonishment on Pam's face, this look of "I can't believe my daughter is defending her Daddy like this!" It was well... AWESOME!!! When we got home, I was smiling really big and Pam said, "that's just great, you got your daughters and what do I got?" I replied "you got to give Daddy more lovin!" To which she replied, "I'm getting me a freakin son!" I ran from the room, Daddy's lovin can wait. I'll just go let my precious babies take care of me, mean ole wife!! :)


For the last 3 days I have been sick. I have caught some kind of spring cold and it sucks! I am coughing my head off (that would be pretty funny if it were true) and I have no energy. All in all I just feel really BLAH!!! On the plus side my lack of energy has led me to watch a few movies this week and because I have nothing to write about I will rate these movies. "I Am Legend" gets an A, "August Rush" gets a B+ , "Bee Movie" gets a B and "Disturbia" gets an A-. Normally I don't watch this many movies but every night this week I get home and just fall on the couch and put a movie on. Can't wait to get over this bug I got. Maybe then my brain will work and I will have something better to write about!

Holy Ground

I was praying for God's help and direction this morning and a song I haven't heard in years came in my head. I just began singing it and could feel the presence of God around me. It amazes me no matter how down I get or how big my problem seems God is bigger and always has the answer.

Exodus 3:5 (The Message)
5 God said, "Don't come any closer. Remove your sandals from your feet. You're standing on holy ground."

When I walked through the doors I sensed his presence
And I knew this was a place where love abounds
For this is a temple the God we love abides here
And we are standing in his presence
On holy ground

We are standing on holy ground
And I know there are angels all around
Let us praise, Jesus now
For we are standing in his sweet presence
On holy ground

In his presence I know there is joy beyond all measure
And at his feet sweet peace of mind can still be found
For when we have a need he is still the answer
Reach out and claim it for we are standing
On holy ground

We are standing on holy ground
And I know there are angels all around
Let us praise, my Jesus now
For we are standing in his presence
On holy ground


That Ain't Right!

I really don't have time to be blogging but I have to tell this story real quick. Today I was picking up some lunch to go eat with MaKayla at school. I pull out of the Long John Silvers parking lot and see this homeless guy walking my way. That's nothing out of the ordinary you say! That's what I thought, but something didn't look right, something caught my eye. So I glanced back over and sure enough, the hobo was wearing an IPOD!!!! What in the sam hill is a homeless guy doing with an ipod? I mean where's he gonna download songs? How's he gonna charge it? What kind of music does a hobo listen to? (on the road again?) This baffled me. It was just wrong on so many levels, why does this hobo of all people need an ipod? Maybe I should find whatever street corner he's standing on and get me a cardboard sign and forget about college and midterms and all that bologna. I can see it now, me standing at the entry to the Wal-mart holding a card board sign that reads, "Will work for Ipod." (it just might work!) And that my friends is my story of the hobo with an ipod, the end!

I'm Still Alive!

I know it's been awhile but I am completely swamped right now. I have 3 exams and a midterm all this week. I have plenty to write about, just no time to do it. I will write again as soon as this chaos leaves. (assuming I still have a brain left!)

Time For A Change

My entire life I have been good at many things. I have accomplished much yet have nothing to show for it. All of my knowledge and all of my talents have taken me as far as I can go. I've realized that I don't really fear failure because everyone fails, I fear success and the responsibilities that come with it, so I sabotage all of my accomplishments leaving me in a place of uncertain comfort. Yet I know I was created for more than this. It's time to surrender it all and see not how far I can go but how far HE will take me.
My Desire
You want to be real, you want to be empty inside
You want to be someone laying down your pride
You want to be someone someday
Then lay it all down before the king

You want to be whole, you want to have purpose inside
You want to have virtue and purify your mind
You want to be set free today
Then lay it all down before the king

This is my desire, this is my return
This is my desire to be used by you

You want to be real, you want to be empty inside
And I know my heart is to feel you near
And I know my life
It's to do your will
It's to do your will

All my life I have seen
Where you've taken me
Beyond all I have hoped
And there's more left unseen

There's not much I can do to repay all you've done
So I give my hands to use

This is my desire, this is my return
This is my desire to be used by you
-Jeremy Camp

Easily Impressed

Yesterday on the way home from school. MaKayla asked Tamara, "You ever seen a two ended pencil." Tamara said "No." At that point MaKayla proceeded to pull out this pencil about 4 inches long that was sharpened on both ends. Tamara in an amazed voice said, "Ah Man! That's Awesome! How did you do that?" MaKayla now chest stuck out in pride said, "You like that huh? Well I broke the eraser end off my pencil and sharpened it too!" Tamara was again just so amazed and wanted to know if MaKayla could teach her how to do that to. MaKayla said, "it's pretty hard but I guess I could teach you." I'm in the front this whole time trying not to crack up. From Tamara's reaction you would have thought MaKayla had figured out what E=MC2 means. The rest of the afternoon MaKayla walked around like she was some kind of great architect that had just finished her masterpiece. Goofy kids!

Make mine a double!

Time for a change! I went and spoke with my advisor on Friday and made a change to my school career. I am 3 classes away from meeting the requirements for my History major but 40 hours from graduating. So instead of taking 31 hours of junk classes I am double majoring now in History and Psychology. What sucks is there are classes that have to be taken in a certain order and hopefully they will offer them for me in that order. I didn't know you wouldn't get two diplomas from that either. Just one. I had to choose what I wanted on my diploma. I chose Psychology. I think that is what I really enjoy in school so that's what I want on my diploma plus I can say I have my BS. (Bachelors of Science you filthy people!) So anyway that's all that is going on here. Studying for tests, trying to figure out my schedule and praying for Spring Break. Only three weeks to go!!!

Mind your P's and Q's

Last night there was a total lunar eclipse in case you missed it! Anyway, my girls had never really seen one so we kind of made it a learning experience for them. We kept going in and out looking at the moon, watching the different steps as it went along. At one point I hollered out at the girls, "you need to come look at the moon it's already three quarters covered." So they rushed out to look at the moon like it was the coolest thing ever. We sat and laughed and joked around it was quite fun. Tamara had a set of binoculars that she used to look up and compare the size of the stars to the moon. It was during these observations that she looked over when the moon looked about like it did in the picture above and hollered out, "Look daddy there's only a penny left!" At first I didn't understand what she meant but then I realized I had told her before it was three quarters covered. I died laughing when I realized what she meant and told her she was absolutely correct. It's amazing how different their minds think sometimes. I really wished my mind still thought in such a simple way, life would be much less confusing :)

Anthrax, Serum Sickness and Rashes OH MY!!!

Let me start off by saying, that Dorothy, Todo and her motley crew had less troubles than my family has had over the last week and they even got attacked by flying monkeys!! Lets begin with the Anthrax thing. The other day I was hunting and found a really big 11 point buck dead under some bushes. He had been dead for some time but his antlers were still in perfect condition so I brought them home just like any redneck would do. When I get home I cleaned them up by sanding off some of the velvet and junk that was still left on the antlers. Well later that night I started coughing and hacking and I made a joke, "I probably got anthrax." Well the next morning I get a frantic call from my mom that I have symptoms of anthrax inhalation and need to go to the hospital. So I look it up for myself, and I do have coughing symptoms but what gets ya, is that anthrax inhalation kills with 5 days. WHOA!!! Hang on time to go to the ER. So I sit in the ER for 6 hours get x-rays, have every Dr. smirk at me when I tell them what's wrong, just to find out I had a little congestion. Later that evening I researched more and found out that anthrax in deer rarely ever occurs in Texas, and when it does it is normally in South Texas. Also anthrax is a spore, it can't live in cool temperatures, they have never seen a case of naturally occuring anthrax after the month of October-late April ever! That is an expensive lesson to learn. Next we have the Serum Sickness. I wrote Pam had been sick, well it gets worse. Last Wednesday she got some new medicine because her other medicine was making her sick at her stomach. She took the new medicine took a nap and woke up freaked out because she couldn't feel the right side of her body. I immediately tested her for stroke symptoms, she displayed none but we rushed to the hospital anyway. We left the hospital at around 2:00 that next morning to find out she had a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was prescribed. On Friday she still didn't have feeling and her lips were turning blue. So she went to see another Dr. who diagnosed her with Serum Sickness. It's complicated and you can google it but it's basically just a huge reation to an antibiotic she didn't need in the first place! She is getting better now but it will take about 3 weeks for the effects of the sickness to wear off. And last but not least we have a rash. What kind of rash you might be wondering. Well who knows. That is what our peidatrician said when I took Tamara in last Friday with a rash all over her upper body. Her exact words were and I quote, "Honestly I have no clue." I just looked at her and said, "Honestly neither do I!" But ya know I haven't gone to school for as long as you (yet) and I am not a Dr. so figure out what it is !!!!!! Yet today my baby still has the rash, so this afternoon we are going back to the Dr. who doesn't know what it is to see if maybe her memory has been jogged between Friday and now. Perhaps she is the scarecrow on our mystical journey to see the wizard and she should ask for a brain! So that is my last week in a brief but frustrated nutshell. (and I didn't even touch all the school work I'm now behind on!) Moral of this story is... well I have no clue but I'm sure there is one :)

V-Day Gift

Pam has been really sick lately so Valentine's Day at our house was uneventful. On top of her being sick MaKayla woke up yesterday with 102 fever and Tamara was covered in a rash so that really dampened the day. Hopefully when Pam gets well we can celebrate proper. Anyway, didn't have alot of cash this V-day because we are in the end of our get out of debt plan (1 month to go YEAH!!) so I got Pam some flowers and wrote her a couple of poems. She said I could post one of them, the other is secret :) Hope you enjoy like she did. (made her cry, totally unexpected!) I guess not all good gifts have to cost money.
After Thoughts

As I lay here in your arms, after making love so sweet
A thought keeps stirring inside my mind, Why Me?
Why do you even love me, why do you even care?
What did I do to deserve you; somehow it just doesn’t seem fair.
You deserve someone so much better, than I could ever be
And I just don’t understand why you’re lying here with me.
You see I’m not the greatest husband that there’s ever been
I’ve let you down and brought you tears time and time again.
I’m reckless and I’m anxious, unsure of what to do
I walk around half the time like there’s simply nothing to lose.
Yet you’re always right beside me, loving me through it all
You’re even there to pick me up when I stumble and I fall.
I don’t know how you do it; I’ll never understand
You’re a friend, a wife and lover to an undeserving man.
Your touch is like a drug, your kiss a prize so sweet
To have you in my life makes everything complete.
Now I feel you run your fingers up and down my spine
As all thoughts seem to fade away and flutter from my mind.
You whisper in the darkness “I love you and need you so,”
And promise till the end of time to never let me go.
So with your arms wrapped around me, your skin against my skin
I close my eyes and dream about loving you again.

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've come along way You and Me. I'm glad you keep me around. I love you more today than the first time I said the words and can't wait for a lifetime of Valentine's Days to come. You are the true beat of my heart. I love you.


Thoughts For The Day!

All morning I have been working on electrical outlets around the house and listening to the Roger Clemens case on ESPN. I have come to these conclusion like it or not:

1) Roger Clemens is a good man and I don't believe he used HGH or steroids
2) I really dislike democrats
3) Congress is on a witch hunt
4) Even if it does surface some how that Clemens did use HGH, so did everyone else for the last 20 years in Major League Baseball, so he had no competitive edge!!
5) Brian McNamee is a LIAR!!!
6) I don't like democrats
7) How is it Congress's business what Major League Baseball does? They don't investigate drug use of all the employees of Wal-marts and K-marts around the country!
8) Sen. Mitchell must have been one of the kids picked last on the ballfield so now he is getting back at ballplayers for all his years of unathleticism.
9) Roger Clemens deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, NO MATTER WHAT!!!
10) I really don't like democrats

Paging Dr. Tamara

The last few days Pam has been really sick with some kind of flu like bug. Running high fevers, coughing, and body aches. Trying not to get the girls sick I have been running them around everywhere trying to not expose them too much to their sick ole mommy. We were on our way to go for a bike ride and Tamara said, " Dad, mom is pretty sick, I think she has the fluids." MaKayla started laughing and said, "I think you mean the flu!" To which Tamara replied, "No it's like that only worse!" (Took everything I had to not bust out laughing) That night when we got home from our bike ride Tamara was not acting like herself. As the three of us sit down to eat, she just sat there staring at her food. I was worried she was getting sick, when all of the sudden she got up and whispered in my ear, "When you were little and you rode your bike alot, if you picked your shirt up could you see your heart beating." I turned my head to look at her and could see the worry in her face. All this time she was worried something was wrong with her, I smiled and replied, "that is totally normal, mine used to do that all the time before I got fat!" She smiled a smile of relief and went back to being herself. Then this morning she wanted to know if Dr.'s made alot of money. I said "yes" to which she replied very coyishly, "interesting." So now when I old I will have a professional golfer and Dr. I won't have to worry about retirement I am taken care of! (fingers crossed!!)

A New Day

I'd just as soon forget yesterday ever happened. Everything I touched went wrong and there was nothing I could do about it. Today will be better! It will have to be or tommorrow yall will be reading my obituary instead of my blog, because yesterday I'm pretty sure my luck had me teetering on the edge. Too bad we don't have a reset button cause I would have used it yesterday for sure!!!!

Motivational Thought For The Day

(sorry so small click on pic to read)

Much Too Young To Feel This ....Well Old!!

Really what's the deal here. I am 27 years old going on 80. When I was a kid I used to make fun of older people for all the pills they took. I used to laugh thinking how stupid it was...Well undoubtedly it wasn't stupid cause I'm doing it now. Not because I want to mind you. Oh no, it's because my body is trying to give up and I'm not going to let it. Every morning I take 3 horse size pills for bone and joint support, 2 Tylenol (those are just the first installments through the day, I alternate with advil as needed), 1 gigantic multi-vitamin, and 2 B-12 pills (because undoubtedly I have a B-12 deficiency). That is ridiculous!!!!! I know I played hard as a kid. I have 6 broken bones, a hip surgery, a reconstructive nose surgery, tendinitis in both my ankles, a bone spur in my left ankle and some weird curvature in my lower back to prove how hard I played but I'm in good shape and should not feel the way I do. Every morning I get up and my back hurts, my ankles hurt, my neck hurts, my hip feels like its stuck in a vice and that's not to mention the muscle pains. It's not like I just played in the Super Bowl or tried to become a professional bull rider or something; I just go to school and take care of my girls, yet I'm eroding faster than the ozone layer!!! I am not old and I refuse to let my body tell me otherwise. I workout 6 days a week, I eat right, drink plenty of cokes (way better than gatorade), get enough sleep and I am not going to fall apart yet! Oh and did I mention all my hair is turning gray!!! Oh yeah, Hair Club for Men here I come. The only good thing I can see is, so far it's just turning gray and not turning loose but that's not the point!!! I'm 27, I'm not even 30 yet and I feel like I'm on the downward slope of life! (Hope not cause 54 is certainly to young to sign out for good!) Chuck Norris is nearly 68 years old and I bet he doesn't even hurt like me! I need to find out what fountain he bathes in and get my swim on! Another thing that gets me is.....wait, ahhhhh my pills are kicking in.. pain is subsiding...muscles stopped aching... I'm 27 again!!! Now that's what I'm talking about. Chuck Norris eat your heart out. :p
Did you think I was joking!!!

Cloud 9

Tonight MaKayla is on CLOUD 9. Since she was little she has always liked whatever I liked even if it wasn't girly. I like to hunt, she likes to hunt. I like to fish, she likes to fish. I like golf, she likes golf. I like the Longhorns, she LOVES the Longhorns. She especially likes Colt McCoy. For one she is starting to understand football more and knows that Colt is the Quarterback and that is important. Also she recently found out that we are distant cousins to Colt so that just furthers the attraction. I don't know that we have missed watching a game since he took over as starter. This year for Christmas the thing she wanted the most was a Colt McCoy jersey (and she got one). To say she is a fan would be an understatement. Well tonight Colt and his Dad spoke at the West Texas Men of Integrity meeting at our church. A week or so ago I told MaKayla we would go but today I am sick. I really didn't feel like going but knew it would break her heart if we didn't, so...I took two cups of Dayquil, filled my pockets with cough drops and away we went. Let me tell you, it was worth every minute of me sitting there sick as a dog to see the excitement on her face as she listened to Colt talk about his football career and his relationship with God. Oh but wait it gets better. After the service was over she got to get his autograph and get her picture taken with him. As we walked away from Colt I was afraid we would not be able to get out the doors of the church her head had swollen so much. Her smile was bigger than her face and I'm pretty sure she was floating. It was an awesome time together and even more fun to see her reactions through the night. Hook em' Horns!!

All you ladies don't get too jealous! :)
Saw this on the back of a truck and laughed my head off:

After the "NO FEAR" comes the "OH CRAP!!!"

Think about it!

That's Life

Sometimes in life things just make no sense. There is no rhyme or reason why they happen other than "that's life." One of these occurrences happened Sunday night at our home. Tamara had a cat she got about a year and a half ago, because she was lonely at home with just me and needed something to occupy her time while MaKayla was at school. We thought having a cat would give her a buddy and teach her some responsibility. She loved that kitten more than anything. Wrapped it in cup towels and carried it around like a baby, and the kitten let her. She was named Jasmine Shaylee. (where the Shaylee came from I don't know but the Jasmine came from Aladdin) Anyway, as Jasmine grew she also became more playful and mischievous. It was if she thought of Tamara as one of her litter mates instead of an owner. It was nothing to see Tamara running down the hall screaming with Jasmine hot on her tail slapping and trying to bite her legs. If she didn't like something you did or wanted you to leave her alone she would hiss and spat and try to bite you, she was very temperamental, much like her owner. Lately though she had began to get out of hand with her tackiness, so we decided to start making her an inside outside cat. She seemed to be calmer after being out for awhile so it seemed as if our plan was working, until Sunday night. About 3:45 in the morning, I hear the dogs barking and going crazy. I ran to the kitchen window and looked out and some neighbor dogs had gotten Tamara's Jasmine. I went out and tried to fight them off but it was too late. Personally, I never liked the cat and she didn't like me, but I would never want to see any animal killed like that. As I buried little Jasmine at 4:00 in the morning, thoughts were running through my head, how will I explain this to Tamara, how will I explain this to Pam. (Jasmine really loved Pam!) So that afternoon after I picked Tamara up from school, we laid on the bed and I did my best to explain what happen without too much details yet still make her understand. Her little heart was broken, which broke my heart. She wanted to see where I buried her and she cried as she stood there with her mommy looking down at the dirt. There is nothing in life that can prepare you as a parent for moments such as this. All I could say to her is "Honey that's life. We all live and we all die. It's not always fair but that's just the way it is." At that moment I didn't know what else to say. Probably nothing could have been said, sometimes it's okay to just hurt and cry. So keep my Tamara baby in your thoughts and prayers. Death is certainly a part of life, but it's just hard for a six year old to deal with. But in the end I guess that's life.

Time To Slow Down

Where did the time go? 8 years ago today I was a scared teenager with a new baby girl and now today I am in my late 20's with a 8 year old young lady. I swear it was yesterday she was sitting up for the first time, taking her first steps, saying her first words; yet now I sit and type and listen to her and her friends scream and yell while playing Wii in the den for her first sleepover. I'm not ready for her to grow up. She's growing so fast and things that were okay to do with her yesterday aren't "cool" to do today. This just isn't fair! So much has changed in 8 years, yet so much is the same. She still has the same humor, the same smile, the same laugh, and the same pretty eyes but when I look at her I don't see a baby or a toddler or even a little girl. I now see a maturing young lady who is growing like a weed and changing almost by the minute. I really wish she could be 2 again. When she was little I would tuck her into bed and I would say "holler at me if you need anything." Usually within 15 minutes after leaving her room I would hear the most precious voice yelling "Daddy I need anything!!!" It's been a long time since I've heard that voice and most of the time now I hear, "Dad, I can do it!" She's growing up and becoming so independent and for a lot of things she doesn't need my help anymore. Nothing makes me prouder and hurts worse at the same time. I know that you can't go back but if I could, I'd do it in a second just to hear her say, "Daddy I need anything!!!" just one more time. Happy 8th Birthday MaKayla but now it's time to slow down.

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