I Love This Time Of Year

Anticipation. That's what this time of year is all about. Anticipating seeing family for Thanksgiving. Anticipating the pumpkin pies, turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes and lazy afternoons watching football games and Peanut specials. Anticipating Christmas shows, Rudolph and Frosty, hot chocolate and snuggley nights. Anticipating a fat little man with rosey red cheeks sneaking down the chimney to bring presents. Anticipating Christmas morning and the excitement and joy in your children's eyes as they experience the magic of Christmas for another year. There is not another time of year that is as magical as this time of year. My entire life I have loved Thanksgiving and Christmas,and the older I have gotten the more special it all becomes. I try not to take for granted any moment of this time. I try to remember every detail, savor every yummy smell and every familiar face. Too many times we stress about getting the perfect gift, preparing the perfect meals and being the perfect host. That's not what its all about. Its about spending time together. It reminds me of the last time MaKayla and I went deer hunting together. I planned and worried and did so much to make it a special trip. We ate out at cool places and went and saw cool things. We even shot a couple of deer, which I was for sure would be the highlight of the trip. On the way home she had a smile on her face that nothing or nobody could erase so I asked her, "What was your favorite part of the trip?" I fully expected her to say something like , "Seeing Ft. Mason or eating at that cool BBQ place or best of all getting to shoot a couple of deer," yet her answer left me speechless. She simply turned and said, "Spending time with you." After all the worrying, planning and effort I put in, the thing she enjoyed the most was TIME. Remember that this Holiday season. I know that there will be stresses, worries and expectations but in the end its about the time we give to each other and what we do with it. Stop for a minute, take a breath and look around...its a good time a year, enjoy the beauty of each day and the anticipation of days to come. Here's a song to help you get in the mood.

Music don't get much better than this!

P.S. There is only 42 days until Christmas!!!! :)


    thanks for makin me cry, adam...

    Thanks for the reminder...

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