What's A Dad To Do?

A couple of Christmases ago, we had a horrible wind storm that ripped the roof off of our carport and threw it up on top of the main house. In the process of this it destroyed most of our outside Christmas lights and damaged our Santa and Rudolph that goes on the house. Needless to say, I didn't bother replacing any of it last year, things were just too hectic. This year looked to be a repeat. I had intentions of putting up lights but there just never seemed to be enough time. The other night, Tamara wanted to know if we could put Christmas lights up on the house. I told her, "It's only a few days until Christmas and lights are expensive. Which would you rather have, lights on the house or present under the tree?" She replied in a very solemn voice, "All I need for Christmas is my family and love. I would risk getting any gifts if we could just have lights on our house." WHAT THE HECK!!!!! I mean there's guilt trips and then there's GUILT TRIPS. So Tuesday morning I dropped the girls off at school, went by Westlake and wouldn't you know it, their Christmas lights were on clearance for 75% off. I got most of the lights I would need (I wanted more, I love the Griswold house) and off to the decorate the house I went. I spent around 6 stinking hours decorating the house so it would be all ready when the girls got home from school, I even fixed Santa and Rudolph. I went and picked up the girls and Tamara didn't seem that impressed (I guess because it wasn't lit up). So that evening when it was dark, I had a Grand Viewing session. Both girls had big smiles on their faces and gave me big hugs which made the whole mess all worth it. Even if I am pretty sure that I got hoodwinked in the whole process.


I Love This Time Of Year!!! :)


I'm done with school, I'm done with school, I'm done with school hey, hey, hey, hey!
(well until next semester)

Cafeteria Fun

Today at the girls' school, it was Turkey and Dressing day. MMMM!!!! I remember as a kid loving the turkey and dressing days because it meant a holiday was around the corner. Anyway, since the menu at school was so yummy today, I decided to go eat with the girls. I have had a hectic schedule this semester and haven't got to eat with them as much as I usually like to, so today was a lot of fun. Tamara's lunch was at 11:50 and MaKayla's lunch was at 12:10, so I had to decide who I was actually going to "eat" with. I decided Tamara probably wouldn't eat all of her food so I could pick off of her plate and then I would get my own plate with MaKayla. While the food is not quite as good as I remember it, the atmosphere was. All the kids knew that the holidays were fast approaching, the excitement was high. As usual, Tamara was very lovey and wanted me to take her with me and well, MaKayla seemed uninterested that I was there probably because I'm not as "cool" as I once was. (We didn't get to sit next to her friends so she missed out on lunch room talk and believe me, I 'm still way cool) During Tamara's lunch I somehow got caught in a gossip chain and had to "pass on" the phrase, "Karis has a pink mustache." (because Karis was drinking strawberry milk) All the kids thought it was pretty funny that I joined in their silly games, but hey when in Rome... All in all it was a fun lunch date. I enjoy getting to see the girls in their school environment and feel a little nostalgic along the way. Its really hard to imagine that I was sitting right in their spot 20 years ago. I guess time really does fly when you are having fun.


Dear God,

I love you. If I die please remember me. God protect me, I want to stay alive. I know you are everywhere I go. God I love the world you created. I love everything about it.


This is what my baby wrote in her notebook earlier this afternoon, simply amazing. From the mouth of babes...


Uh..Yeah. I made a 100 in statistics. Not just on the final but for the semester. Un-freaking believable. (And to think I almost didn't pursue a degree in Psychology because of this class.)

I'm Crazy

Okay, its official, I have lost my stinking mind. I am voluntarily taking my statistics final early. Why you may ask? Well, I have other exams next week that I need to study for and get this, I totally understand statistics and I'm not worried about the final. Who really understands statistics??? I guess my mind thinks in that way, who knows. I know I will pass with an A so I'm not even worried about it. I think I've been possessed by some scholastic math demon. Well, here goes nothing...wish me luck. (not on the test but on getting this crazy demon out of my head!)

Like Fine Wine

There are few things in life that get finer with age...I'm glad I'm married to one of them.
Happy Birthday Pam! I love you more with every breath I take, I hope you have a awesome and fun 21st birthday ;)

Thanksgiving To Remember

Do you have a special place in the world? A place that fills your heart with joy and floods your mind with memories every time you think about it. I do, as far back as I can remember I have loved going to the farm down in Brownwood. So many wonderful times and memories have taken place there. Swimming (and taking baths) in the Colorado river, fishing from a paddle boat and catching tons of fish, quail hunting, coon hunting, deer hunting, hide and seek, good food and just overall relaxation. Growing up going to the farm was all I could ever think about. However, with busy schedules and extended families to visit we haven't got to go down there near as often as I would have liked lately. I have missed going down there a lot. I want my children to have the same fond memories of that place as I do. I was so excited this year when I found out we were going down there for Thanksgiving and let me tell you it did not disappoint. We had a wonderful time. Walking down to the river, spending time with family, looking for arrowheads, hunting (and killing deer), going late night coon hunting, watching fun movies, it was just like old times. What made my heart happiest was watching my two baby girls enjoy the place that produced probably the happiest times of my childhood. It was just so much fun. Now that I'm back home I find myself in the middle of finals yet I still really haven't come down from my Brownwood high. There's just something magical about that place to me, I'm never more relaxed than I am when I'm down there. It was good to go back and recharge. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and I look forward to seeing you all during Christmas. Cherish this time with your families, its such a wonderful time of year.

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