Hello Blogging World!

I didn't realize I hadn't blogged in like 20 years and right now I am about to go hit some golf balls so this won't be a grand blog but its something! Just to let yall know I'm still here and I do have things to write when I get the chance. I do have to say this...for anyone looking to get in extreme shape, go to crossfit.com! Go at your own pace but it will change how you workout. Its fast, hard and results are inevitable! That's all I got for now, gotta run...hope everyone is well.

Joke for the Day:

What did the farmer say when he saw a brown chicken and a brown cow?

Brownchicken Browncow! (Say it fast its funnier)


In reference to yesterday's blog. Is there any drink that would taste good while eating a banana??? I thought about it all night and came up with nothing! Just wondering.


Okay today I tasted the grossest thing ever! I was eating a banana and I got thirsty so I reached over and grabbed my Diet Coke, took a big swig and UGHHH!!!!! It like foamed up all nasty in my mouth and I'm pretty sure I threw up a little bit (couldn't really tell because the banana/diet coke mixture felt the same) ran to the sink and spit it out. Then pulled the little water shooter thingy from the sink, turned on the sink full blast and washed off my tongue. Needless to say I threw away the banana and while it took me awhile I finally finished off my Coke. Note to self and anyone reading: DO NOT MIX DIET COKE AND BANANA!!!


In my life songs always move me. More than just words but the meaning behind the words. You know that when that person wrote that song they were feeling an emotion, happy, sad, mad, destroyed, blessed, etc. I love all kinds of music if there is meaning behind the words. I like it especially when it grabs you and you can relate to the song or words that are written. Anyway when I hear a song I like I will listen to it until I wear holes in it (if you can do that). This is the chorus of a new song by Kenny Chesney and if I have listened to it once in the last 2 weeks I've listened to it 1,000 times. I know this is a weird post but its all that's in my head besides empty space :)

There's things that I can't leave alone
Cause they won't leave me alone
And what I want ain't what I need
Still I reach for the things I crave
Better try to run away
Am I afraid of being free?
When I'm not chasing demons
There's demons chasing me

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