Thanksgiving To Remember

Do you have a special place in the world? A place that fills your heart with joy and floods your mind with memories every time you think about it. I do, as far back as I can remember I have loved going to the farm down in Brownwood. So many wonderful times and memories have taken place there. Swimming (and taking baths) in the Colorado river, fishing from a paddle boat and catching tons of fish, quail hunting, coon hunting, deer hunting, hide and seek, good food and just overall relaxation. Growing up going to the farm was all I could ever think about. However, with busy schedules and extended families to visit we haven't got to go down there near as often as I would have liked lately. I have missed going down there a lot. I want my children to have the same fond memories of that place as I do. I was so excited this year when I found out we were going down there for Thanksgiving and let me tell you it did not disappoint. We had a wonderful time. Walking down to the river, spending time with family, looking for arrowheads, hunting (and killing deer), going late night coon hunting, watching fun movies, it was just like old times. What made my heart happiest was watching my two baby girls enjoy the place that produced probably the happiest times of my childhood. It was just so much fun. Now that I'm back home I find myself in the middle of finals yet I still really haven't come down from my Brownwood high. There's just something magical about that place to me, I'm never more relaxed than I am when I'm down there. It was good to go back and recharge. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and I look forward to seeing you all during Christmas. Cherish this time with your families, its such a wonderful time of year.


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