No Rest For The Weary

Have you ever been so tired that proper functioning is really just not possible? I am in the middle of that place now. All last week I was just dragging needing to catch up on some rest but it wasn't gonna happen. You see, this past Saturday morning Pam and I got up and left the house at 7:00 to drive to Waco so we could go to her Dad's retirement party. We left the girls with my parents because the trip was going to be to short and well, too long. So we got to Waco around noon and hung out until around 6:00 then headed to the retirement party. It was a nice party. Besides my in-laws I'm pretty sure I knew no one, which is good cause that meant I could disappear in the crowd and didn't have to talk to much ;) After the party Pam's sister's and brother decided all us simblings should go out, so we did. We went to this sports bar place called George's and hung out and laughed and had a good time. We orginally were going to stay the night with Pam's Dad but when we found out he was leaving for Virginia at 5:15 the next morning we decided to stay with Pam's older sister Kasey and her husband Shane. So anyway, after hanging out for a while we went back to Kasey and Shane's and stayed up a little longer. I think we finally went to bed around 2:30. We woke up around 8:00 (ugh!) and had breakfast and hung out a little longer then hit the road back to Odessa. It was a long, long short trip. Pam and I crashed on the couch Sunday night trying to watch a movie and don't know that we have either fully woke up since. So here I am so sleepy I can hardly function and I have a test today in Abnormal Psychology which I didn't really get to study for because I was driving all weekend and at the same time trying to get ready for my first Statistics test that will be in a couple of days, along with reading 200 pages in my Cognitive Psych book so I don't completely bomb the next test coming up in a week or so. (It is a very hard class!!!!) Yet there is no rest for the weary! So now I have to log off now, run by Town and Country and get me 44oz. of my favorite lifeline (Diet Coke) and drive to Midland to go to my Statistics class, hopefully I won't fall asleep driving like I did on my way home from Waco but hey that's a completely different story :)


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