The Things I Will Cherish Most

As life rolls on and time flies by, there is so much that I just don't remember that well anymore. Sure I can stop and think back and try to reminisce on days gone by but there are just some things that when they pass, they are gone. Then there are some things that happen in life that you will remember vividly and can replay them over and over in your head like it just happened. I love those moments! I love those moments with my wife, and I love those moments with my girls. Over the past couple of weeks me and my girls have been going out bird hunting at our lease. The hunting hasn't been all that good, but the company and memories have been awesome. I cherish all the time I get to spend with them like this, because I remember like it was yesterday the time I spent with my dad like that. I hope I'm doing as good a job with them as he did with me. I pray that I can always remember each detail of our adventures together and when I'm too old and my mind has forgotten. that they'll still remember and retell the stories to me so I can enjoy them all over again.


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