We adopted a dog this past weekend. He is smart, young and energetic. He barks and barks and barks and barks and barks. He was supposed to be crate trained...he's not. He was supposed to be house broke...he's not. Last night I went to bed around midnight, he began barking at 1:00, by 1:45 he quit. 2:00 Pam started yelling at someone in her sleep, the dog began barking again, except this time he barked until 3:30. 3:45 Pam again started yelling at someone in her sleep, I in turn yell at Pam to be quiet and quit talking. The dog starts barking again. He barks until 5:30. At this point, I am resolved to not go in there while he is barking that will only strengthen his behavior. 5:45 he begins barking again he does so until my alarm goes off at 6:30. I wait...he goes 5 min. without barking, so I go in there and reward him with a treat and take him outside to go potty (which he never did). He just wants to play...HA HA HA!!!! You just kept me up all night and you want to play??!!! So I let him back in and wake everyone up, take my bath walk in my room and the little fur ball was asleep in my bed. UH, NO!!!! I holler at him, start barking and acting like a clinically insane person. If that little rat thinks he can keep himself and me up all night and then sleep in my bed he has another thing coming!!! He could stay out all night if he'd quit chewing stuff up and peeing and marking everywhere. So that's it, I feel like my mind is gone. I have huge bags under my eyes, my body aches and my motivation for this day is shot, just like that little dog will be if he puts me through one more night of barking hell!


    i wanna see him! post a pic, sleepy head! :)

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