The Little Rat

Per a request by KJ here are a couple of pics of the new little rat we adopted. His official breed name is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, they cost like $700 but we got him for free!! (that's the only way we would have gotten him) His name is Rufio, like the lost boy off of Peter Pan. (No we didn't name him) He also answers to Roofster, Froto and you stupid little dog. He is highly intelligent. We've had him since Friday afternoon and already he can sit, stay, lay down, dance, jump and we're working on speaking. The girls love him and deep deep down I'm sure I do too ;)

Don't let the innocent look fool you!!!!

Giving Kisses



    omg! he's so cute! i think you made a good adoption! :) hope he turns out as sweet as he looks right now! good luck!

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