What The...??

Okay, I realize I am not as young as I once was but this is really getting out of hand now. It's time I do something to regain my youth or it may leave me forever! Let me explain, as stated in a previous blog, I take more pills each morning than most 7o year old hypochondriacs. Now to add to this old age behavior, I have tons of gray hair to go with it and to make matters worse, a couple of my chest hairs are now turning on me as well. (They have been voted off the island) I find myself going to bed earlier and earlier, which isn't anything too disturbing since I have always been someone early to bed, but in the context of old age, it is! Now comes the kicker. I have to drive to Midland College twice a week for a statistic class that I need. It is exactly 24 miles from my house to MC. I have now found myself driving this long boring stretch of road at the whopping speed limit of 62 mph. Why 62 mph you may ask. Well it goes something like this, gas is expensive and I drive a 1993 Explorer. While it is still very dependable it lacks the ability of great fuel economy, so if I drive slower it gets better mileage. Still you ask, why 62 mph? Well, I refuse to drive 10mph under the speed limit but just going 5 mph under the speed limit seems like a waste of time. So there I am, driving down the stretch of road I used to push the speed limit to the max on, getting past by a 80 year old driving a 20 year old Buick Park Avenue. (and giving me a dirty look as she goes by) The bad thing is I enjoy driving at this speed! I kind of kick back, relax, put on a little Don Williams and let the good times roll. The reality of the situation is, my youth is rolling right out the window with it. So I guess that's that, I am officially the person I used to make fun of only a few short years ago. Stop laughing! This isn't funny, it is a serious matter that can only be solved with the purchase of a 2009 Chevy Camaro. I think the dealership will probably just wanna trade me straight up, my Explorer for their Camaro. (I mean that seems fair to me) Then we'll see who the old person is... I might even drive 68 mph in my new car, but at least I'll look awesome doing it!


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