Never Back Down!

Lately my girls have been on a wrestling and boxing kick. Perhaps we have been watching too much UFC but at least they are learning how to defend themselves. Anyway, the other night we were wrestling/boxing and they are tag team whooping on me. I finally get MaKayla off of me for minute so that I could box Tamara who now was wearing a pair of boxing gloves. So there I am on my knees, doing my best to show some fancy footwork (on my knees), boxing my tough little six year old. MaKayla has now moved from fighter to referee. So the fight began. It was more of a boxing/mma fight. There was kicking, head locks, submission moves, sucker punches, you name it we had it. Deep in the 2nd round, I purposely dropped my guard to let Tamara get a punch in. She must have been anticipating this move because as I dropped my guard a devastating right hook came flying in out of nowhere catching me right on the nose and tearing up both my eyes. I think she saw the stunned look on my face because like any great fighter does after catching the other fighter, she came in for the kill. She was throwing haymaker after haymaker and I was crouched over laughing, trying to get the blurry out of my eyes from the shot on my nose. At this point I am in a tucked position and she is on my back pounding away at the back of my head. I couldn't quit laughing at her intensity which I think in turn made her mad and more intense. Finally, after being pummeled for several minutes, the so called referee stepped in and stopped the fight proclaiming Tamara the winner. Although, I was still laying there laughing when it was all said and done, meanwhile, Tamara was dancing around like a prize fighter proclaiming her victory. Make no mistake, there will be a rematch and I will be ready for that crazy 40lb. six year old in our next fight. I've upped my workouts and training to six days a week, I listen to "Eye of the Tiger" every morning and have begin training in the ancient art of whoop-my-chai. I'm determined and focused and the next time I meet that little maniac in the ring I will beat her like the circus monkey she is. We will be selling the fight for $49.95 on pay-per-view if any of you are wanting to watch the most electrifying fight in history take place. We accept cash, money order or check made out to the Lewis Children College Fund. Don't miss out on your opportunity to watch history!


    i'm laughing so hard i'm crying! that is freakin hilarious! i'll buy that fight for sure!

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