Death To My Blog!

It seems as though this summer has slowly sucked the life out of my blog! I have had such a wonderful summer and have had so much I could have written about, but it seemed as if the time just wasn't there. Everytime I stopped to write, my mind would go astray or I would hear, "Daddy come play!" Living life has almost killed my blog :) However, I do intend to pick back up here in the coming week or so. We just got back from a wonderful vacation to Sea World and Inks Lake and I'll include pictures of that and just update everyone on all the cool happenings. Lately my mind has been wondering back to when I was a kid and it has made me sad... no matter how much I think back I can never ever go back. I miss things from my childhood, I miss things from growing up. I love my life now but I loved my life then and what seemed like yesterday is now 20 years ago. I want to embrace life today more fully. Take in every moment I can with my wife, kids and myself because before I know it yesterday will be 40 years ago and so much will have changed. I hope all of you who read my blog are having a wonderful summer and I promise to begin writing again soon. Until then here is a couple of pics from my grand adventures!

Alex and I after a good day of fishing!

At Amy and Alex's Wedding

Hangin with my girls in Fun Valley

Family fun at Sea World

Wonderful time at Inks Lake


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