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Last night there was a total lunar eclipse in case you missed it! Anyway, my girls had never really seen one so we kind of made it a learning experience for them. We kept going in and out looking at the moon, watching the different steps as it went along. At one point I hollered out at the girls, "you need to come look at the moon it's already three quarters covered." So they rushed out to look at the moon like it was the coolest thing ever. We sat and laughed and joked around it was quite fun. Tamara had a set of binoculars that she used to look up and compare the size of the stars to the moon. It was during these observations that she looked over when the moon looked about like it did in the picture above and hollered out, "Look daddy there's only a penny left!" At first I didn't understand what she meant but then I realized I had told her before it was three quarters covered. I died laughing when I realized what she meant and told her she was absolutely correct. It's amazing how different their minds think sometimes. I really wished my mind still thought in such a simple way, life would be much less confusing :)


    Oh and I missed it!

    Gutted. I've never seen one either....

    smart girls, man. smart girls.

    On February 23, 2008 at 1:03 AM Anonymous said...

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    Don't know who that fox guy is but don't go look at his sight it's some virus scan or virus giver or something!

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