Make mine a double!

Time for a change! I went and spoke with my advisor on Friday and made a change to my school career. I am 3 classes away from meeting the requirements for my History major but 40 hours from graduating. So instead of taking 31 hours of junk classes I am double majoring now in History and Psychology. What sucks is there are classes that have to be taken in a certain order and hopefully they will offer them for me in that order. I didn't know you wouldn't get two diplomas from that either. Just one. I had to choose what I wanted on my diploma. I chose Psychology. I think that is what I really enjoy in school so that's what I want on my diploma plus I can say I have my BS. (Bachelors of Science you filthy people!) So anyway that's all that is going on here. Studying for tests, trying to figure out my schedule and praying for Spring Break. Only three weeks to go!!!


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