Easily Impressed

Yesterday on the way home from school. MaKayla asked Tamara, "You ever seen a two ended pencil." Tamara said "No." At that point MaKayla proceeded to pull out this pencil about 4 inches long that was sharpened on both ends. Tamara in an amazed voice said, "Ah Man! That's Awesome! How did you do that?" MaKayla now chest stuck out in pride said, "You like that huh? Well I broke the eraser end off my pencil and sharpened it too!" Tamara was again just so amazed and wanted to know if MaKayla could teach her how to do that to. MaKayla said, "it's pretty hard but I guess I could teach you." I'm in the front this whole time trying not to crack up. From Tamara's reaction you would have thought MaKayla had figured out what E=MC2 means. The rest of the afternoon MaKayla walked around like she was some kind of great architect that had just finished her masterpiece. Goofy kids!


    that is so stinkin' cute. smarties, they are!

    btw, what is E=MC2? :)

    It's the theory of relativity. I would go into further detail but.. well that's all I know about it:)

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