Much Too Young To Feel This ....Well Old!!

Really what's the deal here. I am 27 years old going on 80. When I was a kid I used to make fun of older people for all the pills they took. I used to laugh thinking how stupid it was...Well undoubtedly it wasn't stupid cause I'm doing it now. Not because I want to mind you. Oh no, it's because my body is trying to give up and I'm not going to let it. Every morning I take 3 horse size pills for bone and joint support, 2 Tylenol (those are just the first installments through the day, I alternate with advil as needed), 1 gigantic multi-vitamin, and 2 B-12 pills (because undoubtedly I have a B-12 deficiency). That is ridiculous!!!!! I know I played hard as a kid. I have 6 broken bones, a hip surgery, a reconstructive nose surgery, tendinitis in both my ankles, a bone spur in my left ankle and some weird curvature in my lower back to prove how hard I played but I'm in good shape and should not feel the way I do. Every morning I get up and my back hurts, my ankles hurt, my neck hurts, my hip feels like its stuck in a vice and that's not to mention the muscle pains. It's not like I just played in the Super Bowl or tried to become a professional bull rider or something; I just go to school and take care of my girls, yet I'm eroding faster than the ozone layer!!! I am not old and I refuse to let my body tell me otherwise. I workout 6 days a week, I eat right, drink plenty of cokes (way better than gatorade), get enough sleep and I am not going to fall apart yet! Oh and did I mention all my hair is turning gray!!! Oh yeah, Hair Club for Men here I come. The only good thing I can see is, so far it's just turning gray and not turning loose but that's not the point!!! I'm 27, I'm not even 30 yet and I feel like I'm on the downward slope of life! (Hope not cause 54 is certainly to young to sign out for good!) Chuck Norris is nearly 68 years old and I bet he doesn't even hurt like me! I need to find out what fountain he bathes in and get my swim on! Another thing that gets me is.....wait, ahhhhh my pills are kicking in.. pain is subsiding...muscles stopped aching... I'm 27 again!!! Now that's what I'm talking about. Chuck Norris eat your heart out. :p
Did you think I was joking!!!


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