Something I Never Said

I just was sitting and thinking and realized I never wrote a congratulations to my sister and Alex for their recent engagement. I have to be honest, when Amy first told me she was dating Alex a few years ago I wasn't too sure about it. I've always been secretly protective of Amy although I rarely show it. Amy's desires have been no different than ANY girl in this world. From the time she was little she dreamed of a knight in shining armor riding in and sweeping her off her feet. Like most women, she didn't find that knight on the first attempt but she waited and when the time was right God brought him to her. She finally found the man ALL girls dream about and some never find. Over the past three years I have seen two people fall madly in love. It has been far from perfect believe me, I've seen the arguments, but that is no different than any other relationship. With every hardship they have grown stronger and closer and that's what love is all about. Today, Alex has become one of my best friends and someone I can depend on, no longer my sister's boyfriend, but a member of the family. As their wedding fast approaches I am reminded of my own wedding to my beautiful wife and remember how stressful it can all be. To those of you who are married you remember how important each detail seemed and how time seems to fly during this time where it was crawling before. But a wedding is not about dresses, who can come and who can't, when is the showers going to be or "why are we doing it like that", where the ceremony takes place, who's friends with who, or who's feathers get ruffled over silly trivial things. A wedding is a joining of two hearts. It is a sacred bond between those two people and God. Everyone in contact with Alex and Amy should help them enjoy each moment of this process because before long 10 years will have gone by and it will all be a cherished but clouded memory. This is the one time in two people's lives where it is okay to be a little selfish and have things your way, you only got one shot at getting it right. Congratulations to the two of you, may you have a blessed relationships full of happiness and joy. May the good times always out weigh the bad and each day become better than the last. I love you both very much.


    Thank you brother, I love you very much and I have a secret too....

    I've always known you were protective and loved me that much. You are one of the most important men in my life and are the best brother that God could have blessed me with. Thank you for your quiet, yet strong love and friendship. I love you now and always.

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