New Adventures

Well we are about to set off on our first big family trip in our new camper. It is exciting and scary all at the same time. I remember as a kid riding in the truck with Dad pulling the camper and the excitement I felt and I hope my girls are feeling the same thing. On the other hand I now have a better appreciation for what my Dad did pulling the trailer and setting it up and all's a lot of work. We took a mini-trip for Father's Day to the lake to try and work out any kinks and find out what we might need for a longer trip. I think we have a pretty good handle on it but I'm pretty sure we'll need the Wal-mart somewhere along the way. Also, strangely enough, I feel old when I pull my trailer. It's like...I'm not young anymore, I have a camper and children (who are getting quite old I might add) and it just adds a new dimension to vacation, not bad just different and new. I wish you could all come with us on our grand adventure and we will be thinking of all of you. Keep us in your thoughts and prayer for safe traveling and fun times. I will post pictures when we get back. Until then Happy 4th of July!!!

P.S. Happy Birthday Aunt Lani!!!!!!!! I really wished we could be there for your 21st birthday party but we will be a little further away than usual. I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope all your birthday wishes come true. Love you!! :)


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