Just A Sample Of Summer Fun!

What a summer! This has been a very busy, crazy, fun summer. We camped at the lake for Father's day, went to Colorado for the 4th, saw the Rangers play later in July, visited Pam's dad, went to Dinosaur Valley State Park, Carlsbad Caverns and just came back from 4 relaxing days up in the Davis mountains. While I'm trying to figure out how to post more pics, here are just a couple of highlights from the past couple of weeks. I have a bunch to write about and pictures to post, I just have to learn how to use the slide show thingy on here. Can't believe summer is almost over. I guess the saying is true, time flies when you are having fun.

Tamara fearlessly jumping off the high dive at Balmorhea

MaKayla jumping off high dive for the first time

Watching the Rangers play the Red Sox.


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