School is over for the semester!!!!! I am so glad. This has been one of the most challenging semesters of school I have had. I believe in total I wrote over 100 pages this semester and read (well didn't read but tested over) 4 books. It's all done now though and with a 4.0 I might add :) Now it's time to focus on the HOLIDAYS! I have 8 days til Christmas and nothing for my wife, mom, grandma, etc, etc..... I know I should be trying to find something but nothing has occurred to me yet. Besides it's my first official day of the Christmas break and I have to get stuff ready for Tamara's Party tonight (@ Chuck E. Cheese, UGHH!!!) so I think the shopping can wait for one more day. Besides men shouldn't shop! Pastor said yesterday a study was done on men aged 22-70 that were going holiday shopping. During the actual shopping experience their heart rate stayed at the level of a fighter pilots in action. Women of the same age experienced no rate change. I find this to be the truth, I hate shopping. Pam always checks my pockets before we leave the house to go shopping to make sure I am not caring a gun (I swear I would use it.) Anyway today I will rest, at least until noon and then I have to start getting stuff ready for the above mentioned party. That leaves me just one hour, so gotta run, BYE!!!


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