My wife asked me if I wanted to go shopping today. HA! The answer was a very loud NOOO!!! Who in their right mind would go shopping the Saturday before Christmas? Undoubtedly my goofy wife. I mean the idiots are out in full force today, wrecks happening, people fighting over stupid things that they will throw away before next Christmas, it's ridiculous. What ever happened to shopping ahead of time, you know NOT PROCRASTINATING!!!! I really don't understand why anyone would face that mob today. UGH!!! I guess I'm just a guy and I think like a guy but shopping is really dumb and confusing. I mean really, your wife gives you mixed signals on what to buy her like for instance; This year my wife told me, "I really don't need or want anything." HA!! It's a LIE! If on Christmas morning we all opened presents but her, I'm pretty sure I would be kicked out and cut off for the entire 2008 season. Why do women do that? I gave her a list, I mean the least she could do is say "Well, I can't think of anything this year so why don't you get me something you would like me to have." Now that would open a variety of options for me, like maxing out my Angel card at Victoria Secret's (yes I have an Angels card, it's something every married man should have!). But instead I'm left wondering aimlessly from store to store, looking for the perfect gift that she didn't ask for!!! But tell me, what's a guy to do? HUH?? And that my fellow readers is all I have to say about that!


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