I'm Back!!!

I like many of you had a great holiday season. The holidays are my favorite time of the year but it is always depressing when it's over. I would love to live somewhere cold and snowy and pine tree smelling during that time of year but instead I live somewhere warm and windy and nasty dirt smelling. Oh well! Anyway the holidays were awesome and I got more than I deserved. Loved seeing all my family wished I would've spent more time with them, but I got sick and had Pam's family in town at the same time, such chaos. So while everyone else had to go back to work and school, I am still home on my winter break (allegedly!) You see for the longest time Pam has been talking about new floors in our kitchen. I mean granted it was ugly sticky tile that had seen its better days but it wasn't one of my have to do now things or so I thought. One night while I lay in peaceful holiday sleep my wife undoubtedly decided she was getting new floors because she began tearing up the tiles from the floor. I always wake up before everyone in the house and when I walked in the kitchen to get a drink ... What a mess. So I waited for her to get up and I asked what she was doing! She said she was buying new floors with her birthday and Christmas money. It was at this point I asked "well who is going to put them in for you?" (already knowing the answer to this stupid question) So now here I sit so sore and tired from reflooring our kitchen/dining room that I am having an extremely hard time typing. I've never had my hands and fingers hurt like this, if this is what arthritis feels like, I'm going to chop my hands off before I get old. On the plus side my wife now has new floors, I get to not hear her gripe about that anymore and it earned me some extra brownie points I will need to cash in as I continually screw up through out this new year. I hope all of you have a blessed and happy 2008 and look forward to sharing with you through the years to come.


    Just for the record. I was planing on hiring someone to install the tile. But Adam volunteer. So there. Don't let him fool you! :)

    It was a forced volunteer, and she didn't have the money to hire it done so HA!!

    well, heck! where are the stinkin' pictures?!?!?!?


    I will be posting pictures soon. Adam is still working on the trim and a small section still needs grout. But don't worry pictures are coming. The floors are so beautiful already!


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