Oh No!

Okay so the floor is done, YEAH!!! Now the trouble has started. It looks so pretty that my wife (and I but for griping purposes just her) has decided that our ugly 30 year old refrigerator and 30 year old stove cannot return into our now pretty kitchen. So guess what, that's right we have bought a new fridge and stove! This is our first appliances that we have bought together, up til now if you couldn't figure out by the age of our appliances we have had hand-me-downs. Not now though, now we have two wonderful new appliances to go in our awesome renovated kitchen. The only down side to this is because they are so "wonderful" we will only be eating bologna and cheese sandwiches for the next year. So the fridge will be empty and the stove will be unused but dang it they will look good!!! Stupid tile floors!!!!

Here's what they look like (they are called Clean Steel, it's like stainless just doesn't show fingure prints) and I'm sure Pam will post what they look like in the kitchen once they are delivered.


    I like them! They are really pretty and will look amazing in the new kitchen. So happy for you two. And I'm happy for me, because everytime I'm at your house I always end of kicking that stupid thing under your fridge and knocking it off, while at the same time hurting my foot. So my feet like your new fridge too. :0)

    where are the pics of your kitchen? i need to see the floor! come on, cuz!

    happy for you! those are some great looking appliances. love ya!

    oh sorry. i just reread the comments from your last post and read pam's comment to me. i'll wait for pics on her site.

    still love ya though!

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