Time To Slow Down

Where did the time go? 8 years ago today I was a scared teenager with a new baby girl and now today I am in my late 20's with a 8 year old young lady. I swear it was yesterday she was sitting up for the first time, taking her first steps, saying her first words; yet now I sit and type and listen to her and her friends scream and yell while playing Wii in the den for her first sleepover. I'm not ready for her to grow up. She's growing so fast and things that were okay to do with her yesterday aren't "cool" to do today. This just isn't fair! So much has changed in 8 years, yet so much is the same. She still has the same humor, the same smile, the same laugh, and the same pretty eyes but when I look at her I don't see a baby or a toddler or even a little girl. I now see a maturing young lady who is growing like a weed and changing almost by the minute. I really wish she could be 2 again. When she was little I would tuck her into bed and I would say "holler at me if you need anything." Usually within 15 minutes after leaving her room I would hear the most precious voice yelling "Daddy I need anything!!!" It's been a long time since I've heard that voice and most of the time now I hear, "Dad, I can do it!" She's growing up and becoming so independent and for a lot of things she doesn't need my help anymore. Nothing makes me prouder and hurts worse at the same time. I know that you can't go back but if I could, I'd do it in a second just to hear her say, "Daddy I need anything!!!" just one more time. Happy 8th Birthday MaKayla but now it's time to slow down.


    Ok you seriously suck! You always make me cry.

    i swear. you have got to give warning on stuff like this. i think i've said it every time i've ever commented on your blog, but what lucky daughters and a lucky wife to have a man who is so great at expressing himself. geez!

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