That's Life

Sometimes in life things just make no sense. There is no rhyme or reason why they happen other than "that's life." One of these occurrences happened Sunday night at our home. Tamara had a cat she got about a year and a half ago, because she was lonely at home with just me and needed something to occupy her time while MaKayla was at school. We thought having a cat would give her a buddy and teach her some responsibility. She loved that kitten more than anything. Wrapped it in cup towels and carried it around like a baby, and the kitten let her. She was named Jasmine Shaylee. (where the Shaylee came from I don't know but the Jasmine came from Aladdin) Anyway, as Jasmine grew she also became more playful and mischievous. It was if she thought of Tamara as one of her litter mates instead of an owner. It was nothing to see Tamara running down the hall screaming with Jasmine hot on her tail slapping and trying to bite her legs. If she didn't like something you did or wanted you to leave her alone she would hiss and spat and try to bite you, she was very temperamental, much like her owner. Lately though she had began to get out of hand with her tackiness, so we decided to start making her an inside outside cat. She seemed to be calmer after being out for awhile so it seemed as if our plan was working, until Sunday night. About 3:45 in the morning, I hear the dogs barking and going crazy. I ran to the kitchen window and looked out and some neighbor dogs had gotten Tamara's Jasmine. I went out and tried to fight them off but it was too late. Personally, I never liked the cat and she didn't like me, but I would never want to see any animal killed like that. As I buried little Jasmine at 4:00 in the morning, thoughts were running through my head, how will I explain this to Tamara, how will I explain this to Pam. (Jasmine really loved Pam!) So that afternoon after I picked Tamara up from school, we laid on the bed and I did my best to explain what happen without too much details yet still make her understand. Her little heart was broken, which broke my heart. She wanted to see where I buried her and she cried as she stood there with her mommy looking down at the dirt. There is nothing in life that can prepare you as a parent for moments such as this. All I could say to her is "Honey that's life. We all live and we all die. It's not always fair but that's just the way it is." At that moment I didn't know what else to say. Probably nothing could have been said, sometimes it's okay to just hurt and cry. So keep my Tamara baby in your thoughts and prayers. Death is certainly a part of life, but it's just hard for a six year old to deal with. But in the end I guess that's life.


    oh cuz, that is absolutely terrible. i can't believe you had to see that, but i guess better you than your baby girl.

    what a good dad you are. a hard job well done.

    that is terrible. poor tamara. and poor you -- i don't know what i'll do when ellie gets her heart broken like that for the first time.

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