Still The One

Have you ever loved something or someone so much that it almost makes you hurt? After being with Pam now for over 9 years that is still how I feel about her. When we were dating right after high school I remember feeling this since of loss every time I had to leave her house or every time she left mine. When she lived in Waco for awhile it was even worse. I never knew my heart could hurt so bad for something. You'd think that those are just new relationship feelings and with time they go away, yet for me they have only seemed to get stronger. I still hurt inside every time I have to leave her or she has to leave me. I long for the times that I can lay in her arms and have her hold me and make everything in the world disappear. I still crave her kisses like when they were brand new and a simple hug warms me to the bone. She is perfect for me in every way. Where I am weak she is strong and comforts me. When I am confused she is always there to listen and lend helpful advice. She lets me rant, she knows my quirks and she understands my relentless quest of perfection that I will never reach. She is a wonderful mom, more than I could have ever imagined for my children to have. She is a woman of God and instills those beliefs in our children. She is the beat of my heart, the smile on my face, my best friend, lover and wife. When God gave her to me, he knew exactly what I would need in a woman to make me the man I need to be. As I sit and I thought this morning I was overwhelmed with how much I love this woman in my life and I wanted everyone else to know just how I felt. Though no amount of words could ever describe my true feelings I will write for the rest of my life trying. She is my true north, the place I always turn to when I need unconditional love and understanding. I am forever grateful and only hope I can in some way be to her what she is to me.


    Seriousdly made me cry! I love that you love her that way. I am so proud of you are an amazing Husband, Daddy, and Man of God. Love you.

    Oh and Alex and I were just talking about how it hurts to leave eachother last night. Crazy that you posted this today.

    Look at my post for today...I stated that it hurts to say goodbye to the one you love. Alex and I must really be in love...cuz it just hurts so much.

    i always knew you loved that girl!

    thanks for making me cry, adam! geez. what a lucky wife to have a man willing to post his feelings - amazing feelings - for all the world to see.

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