That Ain't Right!

I really don't have time to be blogging but I have to tell this story real quick. Today I was picking up some lunch to go eat with MaKayla at school. I pull out of the Long John Silvers parking lot and see this homeless guy walking my way. That's nothing out of the ordinary you say! That's what I thought, but something didn't look right, something caught my eye. So I glanced back over and sure enough, the hobo was wearing an IPOD!!!! What in the sam hill is a homeless guy doing with an ipod? I mean where's he gonna download songs? How's he gonna charge it? What kind of music does a hobo listen to? (on the road again?) This baffled me. It was just wrong on so many levels, why does this hobo of all people need an ipod? Maybe I should find whatever street corner he's standing on and get me a cardboard sign and forget about college and midterms and all that bologna. I can see it now, me standing at the entry to the Wal-mart holding a card board sign that reads, "Will work for Ipod." (it just might work!) And that my friends is my story of the hobo with an ipod, the end!



    We live in a messed up, crazy world!!!

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