That Was Fun!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Arizona on a quail hunt. And when I say weekend to Arizona, I mean WEEKEND. We left last Thursday around 2:00p.m. and arrived in Tucson around midnight. We got up at 6:00 on Friday morning, hunted all day Friday, and went to bed that night around 9:00. We then got up Saturday morning around 5:00 drove an hour and a half to the Arizona/Mexico border and again hunted all day. At this point we were about 30 miles from Tombstone so we of course had to go check that place out. We were all exhausted and decided we would stay the night in Tombstone. Once we got there and drove around and looked at the sights, we mutually decided to just "drive home until we couldn't drive anymore." This was 5:00 at this point. So away we went back to Texas. I arrived in my driveway at 4:30 on Sunday morning. That's right we drove over 21 hours (about 1400 miles according to Tom Tom) in two days hunting VERY HARD during that period. I woke up Sunday around noon and felt like someone had just whooped the snot out of me. I wasn't much fun at our Super Bowl party and I'm just now today starting to feel normal again. You know what though, I'd do it again in a heartbeat! You know me when it comes to hunting and if you didn't you do now :)
Cool picture of where we were hunting.
My first Gambel's Quail (my favorite quail)
Me standing by a HUGE Sororo Cactus
Good day's work! (there's 38 you don't have to count!)
Standing in Boothill at Tombstone, Arizona (I'm your Huckleberry)


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