I've Been There

When I was a kid I lived for three things: fishing, hunting and baseball. There was nothing I looked more forward to than doing those things with Dad. He taught me to play baseball (although I think he wondered if I'd ever quit throwing like my mom), he taught me to catch a bass, and taught me to hunt. This was my life, everything revolved around those three things. I remember though as a kid there were times that Dad went on trips that I couldn't go on. Trips to deer camp in Mason, Elk hunting trips in Colorado...these trips devastated me. I didn't understand that while I was getting older and bigger, I still wasn't ready for those kinds of hunts yet. Today I find myself on the other end of this scenario. Since MaKayla was little I have taken her hunting, fishing and taught her every sport she has wanted to learn. She is a good hunting buddy, probably my favorite. However, today I am leaving to Arizona to go on a three day quail hunting adventure and I have to leave her behind. It's going to be a fun but tough three days of hunting. MaKayla is heartbroken that I am not taking her. She cried last night because she doesn't understand that even though she's bigger, she's just not ready for some hunts yet. I'd love for her to be there, I'd love for her to experience the hunt but I know she wouldn't be able to keep up with all the physical demands if she went. This morning as I dropped them off at school and walked them to the gym, she couldn't talk. She couldn't say bye, she couldn't hardly even look at me. Her eyes were full of tears and I'm sure there was a knot in here throat the size of a baseball...I know I've been there. And while it feels like that day will never come I promise eventually the day will be here when my favorite hunting buddy will be right there by my side, heading out on a grand hunting adventure. :)

Pray for my baby girls, pray that Jesus would comfort their hearts and keep them safe while I'm gone. Pray that God would watch over my family while I'm away and that he would keep his hands on me while I travel.


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