There is cold and then there is COLD!!!! My bones are frozen, my brain hurts and my eyes are fuzzy. (Maybe that's from lying on the couch doing homework and not the cold..hmmm) Anyhow I was watching the weather channel and it is like -36 degrees in Green Bay, WI. Ouch that's cold! In some town in Alaska it was -65 degrees outside. My mom and I were discussing that temp. in Alaska and she said," What do you do when it's that cold outside?" My reply was, "Why do you think Eskimos have so many kids?" HAHA!!! Gotta stay warm somehow!! :) Alright well, my study break is over I have to get back to one of my 9 books I have to read this semester....YUCK!!! Stay warm.

Here's a song to go with this blustery cold day! ;)


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