Crunch Time

I have 4 papers due on the 23rd and 7 papers due on the 30th. That's 11 papers. I have 7 1/2 of them written. I can do it :) Plus I have to make a power point presentation for my research project and take 2 finals by May 5. On top of all this school yumminess, MaKayla has a soccer tournament this weekend, guaranteed at least 3 games...possibly 5. Tamara has a softball tournament next weekend guaranteed at least 4 games. I love watching my girls play sports but right now it's running me ragged. I have lots of stories to write but only limited time, so I must go. I have to find more newspaper articles from the 1860' can't imagine how much fun that is :) Hope everyone is doing well. Happy late Easter and Happy early Memorial Day just in case I don't get to post again before then. HAHAHA!!!


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