Easter Story

I have a few spare minutes and I thought y'all would like to hear this one :) We took the girls shopping for Easter dresses and both girls found something very cute. MaKayla picked out this new long dress shirt thing with leggins (supposedly its in style I don't know about these things) and Tamara picked out a dress with a lace jacket. After walking around the store a little more Tamara decided she had to have a pair of the sheer lace gloves to go with her outfit. I told her no she didn't need them. She continued to bug Pam and I about it for the next 40 minutes as we walked around the store. She kept saying things like, "You are supposed to dress up for Easter," and "I'm gonna tell Nana that you won't let me dress up," and "DAD! It's Easter!" Finally my nerves wore down to thin strings of nothingness I said, "If you can give me one good reason you should have those gloves and you can't say "Because it's Easter" then I will get them for you." I no more got the words out of my mouth when she blurted out in a very stern and matter of fact voice, "BECAUSE I'M A PRINCESS!" HMMM...we walked over and got the gloves. (Pam laughed the whole way....it wasn't THAT funny!)


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