It's All In My Head!!!

It's been 3 days since I've had an energy drink of any kind. At this point my head feels like a tiny demon has crawled in my head and is using my brain for a punching bag. I'm sure that the headaches will go away with time (10-20 years) and the shakes...oh good grief the shakes!!! So this is what detoxing feels like!!! Do you know how much caffeine is in an energy drink??? About 200-250mg per can. I drank on average 2 cans a day. That's 400-500mg of caffeine a day. The average glass of tea has 5-10mg of caffeine in it. Folks, I was intaking A LOT of caffeine. On top of that, I drank tea in between my extreme caffeine, I take a pre-workout supplement that has about 150mg of caffeine in it. So, on an average day, I drank somewhere around 650mg of caffeine. An article I was recently reading said the safe daily intake of caffeine is around 200mg per day. Yeah, I was intaking 3.5 times the safe daily amount a day. So now I sit, with a pounding headache, shaky hands and no energy, but this is supposed to be better for me??? I went from being a normal (no comments!), highly energetic person (with a somewhat elevated heart rate), to a complete basket case. The caffeine, its all I can think about, it's "my precious!" If statistics are correct, I only have 18 more days of this to make it a habit. 18 days, eternity...tomatoe, tomato. I feel a Hulk like fit of rage coming on and I'm pretty sure I can see a green tint starting in my hands. Word to the wise, stay clear for the next eternity, aka 18 days.


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