I Knew There Was A Catch!

Today I had a really big paper to write for my sports psychology class. I have really been dreading writing it because it had to be pretty extensive somewhere in the range of 6-7 pages, which isn't too bad if it's something you want to write but an assignment like this is something else. So anyway, today I sat down around 9:30 with my notes in hand ready to write. I wrote and I wrote, I researched along the way and attacked that paper like a man on a mission. Before I knew what happened 3 1/2 hours had passed and I had wrote 9 pages (oops!). There, I was done, that was easy, nothing is ever that easy but I guess today is my lucky day.....but wait, there was a catch. After picking up the girls from school I come home to pick up because some friends are coming over. I go in our closet to turn on the light and nothing. I change the bulb, still nothing! Okay I can handle this, I ran to the store to pick up a new light fixture, put it in and badda bing there was light. Alright, it's still my lucky day....but wait, there was a catch. After fixing the light I come to the kitchen to get a drink and see the sink backed up. This has been an on going problem for the last couple of years. I always blame my wife for it but I'm pretty sure it's just because the pipes are 50 years old. Anyway, I whip out the ole plunger and attack that sink like a fat man on a hot dog. I'm tearing that sink up, giving it all I got, jumping up and down...nothing, still blocked. So I run back to the store pick up some Drano and pour it in the sink. I wait the required 15 min come back and the sink is drained, HA! I ran water in it to see if I had done my job and whadda ya know, it backed up again. So I poured more Drano down the sink and left to go pick up some pizza. I believe it was at this time I made a statement like, "Could something else please go wrong!" Well, my wish was granted. I came home from picking up the pizza to find water all under my carport, all I could do was laugh. As of now, I have pulled out my dishwasher, cut a hole in the wall, found a hole in my pipes, a clog that won't come unclogged and to top it off I found evidence of mice living behind my dishwasher....but wait, there's a catch. I QUIT! I'm going to bed it will all have to wait until tomorrow, perhaps tomorrow is my lucky day.


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