That Was Close

So last night we went to the "Night of Lights" carnival at church and had an awesome time. Way too much candy and Frito pies. Anyhow, at one point during the night Tamara wanted to go ride the ponies (for the hundredth time) so I went and stood in line with her. Well we finally got up to the front and when we got there, there were two little ponies ready to ride, as we are about to give the person our tickets I hear this mom and son talking behind me, this was the conversation.

Son: I don't want that one
Mom: That's all they have
Son: But I don't want that one
Mom: Well honey they both have nuts so I guess you're just going to have to wait.
(at this point I'm kind of cocking my head to the side to see what these little ponies are packin and hoping Tamara wasn't seeing the same thing)
Son: I don't want to wait!
Mom: Well all they have is Baby Ruth and Payday and they both have nuts so you'll just have to wait.

WHEW!!! I thought me and Tamara were going to have to go into an anatomy lesson right there in the pony line. I just hope the ponies names weren't Baby Ruth and Payday :)


    you are so stinkin funny. seriously.

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