Watching You Breathe
By: Adam Lewis

Every night while you are sleeping
I sneak in and watch you breathe
Inhale and exhale like a quiet symphony.
Since the day we brought you home
I’ve done this every night
To say a little prayer for you
And make sure everything’s alright.
I try so hard not to wake you
As I tip toe through your room
But as I trip and stumble over toys and clothes
That is sometimes hard to do.
I thank God that he has blessed me
With two such wonderful girls
And I know my life would be empty
Without you in my world.
So sleep tight little angels
I wish you such sweet dreams
As all of mine are coming true
While I sit and watch you breathe.


    omg. that made me cry at my desk.


    i told landon this was here, and he's asking me to read it outloud. i'm refusing. 'cause i'm already crying, and reading it outloud would put things over the edge.

    what an amazing man writes poems about his daughters...

    you're greatness.


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