Prayers and Faithfulness

First I would like to thank everyone for their prayers for Tamara. She is at home now and doing great. Laughing, playing and acting pretty much like herself. It is crazy how one minute she is perfectly healthy and the next she has pneumonia, but that is the way it is. Prayer is an awesome thing, and I know that everyone not only prayed for Tamara but for Pam and me as well. I never felt worried or overly concerned at the hospital, just complete confidence that everything was in God's hands and would be okay, and that is not like me so I know that prayers helped.

Have you ever in your life thought you were being faithful yet seeing no rewards for your faithfulness? I do this a lot. I tell God, "hey, I am not a bad guy, I go to church, I serve you, I pay my tithes, where are my blessings?" (Its usually at this time that I look around me and shut up) Anyhow, mine and Pam's entire marriage has been an uphill climb. Nothing has ever come easy for us and it has only made us stronger. Finances have always been a struggle for us, having just one income while she was in school, now while I'm in school. Somehow we have always had enough. Maybe not for the things that we want, but for the things that we need. We pay our tithes faithfully and sometimes when you don't make a lot that's really hard to do, but we have committed that to God (after all it is his anyway). Lately I have been down a little about our finances. Things have been kind of tight trying to pay off bills here and there and get to a point where we have a little more freedom. The other day I was praying and was discouraged and I said something to the affect of "God we pay our tithes, why are we still struggling so much, a little help would be nice." Well I got home today and I had a check in the mail from UTPB for $1000 for a grant that I didn't apply for yet had been awarded and I get the same grant in the spring as well. What's so cool about this is my other grant pays for my tuition and books so this is all extra. An extra $2000. Wow, God really is faithful to those who are faithful to him. It's not always in our timing but it's always when the timing is best for us.


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