Miss Smarty Pants

This morning on the way to school, Tamara tells me she is excited because one of her friends is having a bowling birthday party. I asked her when and she said "at the bowling alley." I said, "no not where, when." She replied, "I don't know, don't you know when they have bowling parties?" I said no and left it at that. Then from the back seat with a questioning voice I hear, "Do you ever try thinking?" I wasn't sure who she was talking to so I replied, "Huh?" To which she replied, "Thinking, did you ever try it. Maybe you should think sometimes." If she had not been sincere and really didn't mean any harm behind it I probably would have whooped her for that one (and if I hadn't been trying really hard not to laugh where she could see me.) Don't know what I'm going to do with that child. I guess I better start "thinking!"


    I can hear her saying that in my head...so funny!

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