Happy Halloween!

I know a lot of people do not celebrate Halloween and that's cool, after all it was originally a day of bad celebration. However, my entire life it was never made to be that way, and for millions it was the same way. My memories of Halloween are the smell of mom making popcorn balls, candied apples and homemade suckers, carving pumpkins with mom and dad, Charlie Brown's Halloween special on T.V., fun movies at school and carnivals at night and you can't forget the candy. Normally I got so much candy, that there was no way that in 6 months I could have it all polished off. I didn't always like dressing up, but I did always look forward to Halloween. As a parent now, I see the same excitement in my children's eyes. I see the anticipation of the candy to come, I get the questions, "so how many days left now dad?" I see the enjoyment when we all set down and watch a silly Halloween movie together, and the excitement of carving a pumpkin. I believe that Halloween is bad only if you make it bad, for me it never was and for my children it never will be either. Tonight we will dress up, go visit some family members then go to church to the "Night of Lights" carnival and have the bestest of times. Today I pray for everyone's safety as there are people who try to take this fun day and make it something evil and bad. Get your treats ready, your costumes and candy bags cause tonight it's time to TRICK OR TREAT!

Here are the pumpkins our family carved. MaKayla and I did the Pirates of the Caribbean and Pam and Tamara did Dracula. Amy and Alex did some too, but Amy already posted those on her blog. Hope you enjoy.


    great job on the carvings!

    my halloween memories are as great as yours sound!

    plus-i do care about the Christmas countdown! keep it up!! ;)

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