Mr. Kleenex Pants

I am convinced that I wear Kleenex pants. You may be asking what in the world is that, well let me explain!! It doesn't matter what I have on, it can be my nastiest pair of shorts or my nicest pair of slacks, but my children and my dog insist on wiping their nasty snot on me. WHY?? Well this is a question I have been asking myself for awhile now and all I can come up with is I have Kleenex pants. For instance this morning I put on my nice clean pair of khaki shorts got ready for school, walked outside to feed my dogs and Sadie, my old blue heeler, greeted me with her normal snot wipe across the leg. Now most dogs wag their tails, jump up, bark, etc. but no not mine she simply wipes her nose on me. I'm pretty sure she knows I don't like it cause she does it and then steps back a couple of steps like, "Ha! Got you again!" And you know what, snot does not come off of clothes that easily and when it dries you have that nasty glazed doughnut look on you. It's no different with my children, I'll see them wipe their nose on their hands and then ever so secretly try to butter up to me so they can wipe their hands off on my leg. Well this is it, Mr. Kleenex Pants is fighting back. From now on every snot nosed, or booger hand that is wiped against my pants will be retaliated against with a big loogey to the side of the head. It has become personal now, and in this war against pants of booger destruction I will win. I will snot be defeated!!!!


    hehehe hahaha. love it!

    i hope to be very far away during the entirety of this war!

    yucko! ;)

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