My New Drink

For those of you who didn't know, I quit drinking cokes on October the 6th. It has been a very rough 12 days. I only have 18 days more to go and hopefully I will have created a new habit. In place of the eleventy million cokes a day that I was drinking I have started drinking lots and lots of tea from Bush's Chicken. This has been okay yet the flavor is getting old, so I began a quest to find my new drink. I am happy to report that as of right now, I am becoming addicted to Vitamin Water. It comes in many flavors, some good some not so good. I like the multi-v, xxx, and focus flavors. Which are lemonade, blueberry-pomegranate, and strawberry-kiwi. This is a good thing because I hate water by itself so hopefully this will help me in both drinking more water and getting past my cokes. Okay well, I am completely out of things to write about obviously since I'm writing about water. I'm going to class now to destroy more brain cells, and drink my vitamin water.


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