Romantic Boy!!!!

Okay that's it I've had it. Tonight I was sitting in the den painting Tamara's finger nails (and doing a very bad job at that), when out of the blue she says she is sad because this little boy Carson who was her boyfriend, broke up with her. Okay, for one who is this little Carson kid and two, how does she know what breaking up is. I mean you have to be dating to break up and where are two kindergartners going to go, to the eagles nest?? But wait it gets worse, she then proceeds to tell Pam and I that she is sad because she wants a boyfriend so she can kiss him like mommy kisses daddy. WHOAA!! Hang on now, mommy lays some pretty hot kisses on daddy and if Tamara wants to kiss a boy like that there is going to be some butt whooping going on around here. I then proceed to my room and pull out my 34" Louisville Slugger to which I show Tamara and say, "Look, this is my boyfriend whooping bat so keep those stinking little boys away." This upset her because she says other girls have boyfriends and she wants one too. (What kind of little hussies does she hang out with?) Anyway, as I try to talk her down from this insaneness, I get a great idea, so I think. You see our friends have a little boy named Paden and he is in love with Tamara and is always trying to kiss her. However, Tamara wants nothing to do with Paden's kisses and usually knocks him on the ground when he tries. So as I think of this example I say, "Tamara if you really wanted to kiss a boy, you'd already have let Paden kiss you." To which she replied very loud and in a Tamara's matter of fact way, "No Dad, I want a ROMANTIC BOY!" Okay quit laughing because it is not funny, not even a little bit!!! At this point I knew I was in over my head and I simply got up and walked away leaving her mom to handle this one. All I could do was go to the other room watch baseball and try to figure out a plan to have this little Carson kid expelled from school. I now realize that it can only get worse from here, so this may be my last blog, i'm sure that there won't be internet or computers (or romantic boys) where we are about to move.....very, very, far, far, far away!
(If you dare laugh about this your computer will blow up in 10, 9, 8, 7.........)


    i read this outloud to michael last night. i cracked up through the whole thing.

    (just so you computer never blew up!)


    oh, adam... i am freaking out about ellie leaving me overnight. i don't know what i'm going to do about "romantic boys." lose it, i'm sure. i have to admit, however, i did smile.

    I know CJ shared his rice crispy with her after school today. I will have to work on his romance. LOL

    I don't know where she gets those fantasies of men from....hmmmm

    That is just insane!

    And I'm sure she hangs around aunt mamie tooo much!

    my computer didn't blow up either! ;}

    Hmmm... my computer is fine but my sides are aching from laughter! It's only just begun.....

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