Crazy Drivers

This morning as I was taking the girls to school, the drivers were particularly stupid along the way. I mean no blinkers, quick stops, cutting people off, and it was really aggravating me. As I'm driving next to this one guy he's on his phone blabbing away and constantly drifting over into my lane. I guess out loud I yelled "come on idiot get off the phone and pay attention." It was at this time that my most brilliant youngest daughter Tamara, sitting quietly in the back seat said, "Why don't you just pull up to him and give him the "CRAZY EYE" maybe then he'll pay attention." I was just in the right mood to do such a thing so I pull up next to this guy, stared at him until he looked at me and then WHAM! I gave him the crazy eye. I can't say that it made him pay attention, however he did give me a one fingered salute and drove off real fast. To which Tamara replied, "See I told you it would work." What smart children I have! :)



    Around here that "crazy eye" might get your head shot off!! haha!

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